Move marshallers farther back so they can be seen from larger aircraft

IMHO, the marshallers at the gates should be moved farther back so they can be seen from the cockpit at ALL positions right up to final wave off. Also the pushback carts are not very well placed at the gates; they tend to runover and kill the marshallers.

It is fairly obvious the current modelling we have was designed for the smaller prop drivers and not for big jets Is this planned for the future anyone know? Thanks

The feedback snapshot is continuously updated here:

Notably, Marshalling (whether it be changes to figures/equipment or activity/logic) aren’t in the list. You can always start a Topic in Wishlist sub-tag and see how many vote it up.

Having worked on the real things (Big Jets) you can clearly see the marshaller before you turn in and because of where they stand, you can see them at all times. My ham fisted point was I think in game they are way to small and stand to close so you lose sight of them long before you stop. Every real life sim I saw they also had arms twice their normal length so you could see them lol

Although I don’t fly the big jets in the sim I have marsalled big (military) jets IRL so I would definitely support this proposal. My ‘go to’ aircraft in the sim is the BLL X Cub - a tail dragger and my most frequent flyers are all tail draggers and this, I believe creates another dimension to the issue of marshaller positioning. I recently raised the question of the disappearance of marshallers, who are positioned on the centreline, as a bug but was persuaded by the discussion that ensued that it was not actually a bug but could perhaps better be dealt with by a Mod that facilitated the positioning of the marshaller, In the case of taildraggers the position to the left of the centreline could be selected so that marshallers are visible from the cockpit once the aircraft is established on the parking centreline or, as in the instance of large aircraft then a position further away from the aircraft could be selected with a efault position as it is now.