Move over Snoopy

A lighthearted moment!

SNOOPY - “I am the only dog who can fly”

DUTCHIE (my Jack Russell) - “Hold my beer while I hold this joystick”

Well… He was flying a BirdDOG.



I really expected you to have a skin that made your aircraft look like snoopy flying his dog house

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And I thought you had our old research aircraft :grin:

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That’s a schnozz and a half and no pisstake I mean mistake

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Is that what a hurricane chaser looks like? C130-W2?

Anyway, ugh I wish I could at least fly IN a hurricane chaser, even one of NOAAs. But I don’t know how to get on board. I’m just a lowly IT guy :frowning:

You know what, I just learned that MRF is part of Britain or the commonwealths? So probably doesn’t do any Hurricane chasing. Hmm…

And to think de Havilland called one of their aircraft the “Mosquito” !

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