Move seat position forward and backward

In order to read the displays on a 30 inch monitor in HD (1080p) i have to use at least 70 zoom or more. Unfortunately a high zoom makes the world look unrealistically close, so being able to adjust (move camera forward) the seat from the cameras menu would be awesome, it would also affect all aircraft similarly, no need to save cockpits for each individual plane. We can adjust the view left and right already so adding forward/backward would be a logic addition.

When turning base to final, I often find part of the aircraft obscuring the runway. In real life, you could just move your head back or forward to see it. Being able to move your “seat” forward and backward would make things a lot easier.

You can slide the pilot’s seat forward or slide it aft by pressing and holding the keyboard Left-Alt key then pressing either the UP or DN keys. Pressing the Right-Alt key won’t work.