Movement of on screen yoke does not match real controller

My suspicion is they have applied the same animation no matter your yoke. My yoke doesn’t have a full 180 degrees on roll, so this is kind of what I would see. But you should see 1:1 with yours, and clearly don’t.

Been having the same issue since launch, I’m surprised there aren’t more people reporting on this issue

I made a video about this!

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This has been driving me crazy since I got a Yoke (I used to hide the yokes when I only had a stick).

Description above is very clear, it is an animation problem. Hardware and control inputs are fine.

I note that quality developers like FSW C414, and PMDG 737 have implemented the animation correctly for their virtual cockpit yokes. Also Inibuilds have implemented it correctly in the A310 as well. It should be a simple case of doing the same thing that inibuilds did and not using the default animation code.

Not all 3rd parties have done it correctly, it looks like the Black Square analog packages have copied the default animation including the non-linear bug in their addons.

Since it doesn’t look like any progress is being made to acknowledge/fix the animation bug, does anyone know how to hack the files for cockpit animations so that we can fix it ourselves?

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The only way I have made it work, is the same way I got around this issue in p3d and fsx. That is to use FSUIPC to bind the axis. For some reason using the external program gets around this issue.

It frustrates me that something like this is still an issue.

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To be honest I have trouble understanding the problem. Those kind of discussions also come up in racing sims from time to time. I of course realise the discrepancy you are describing but WHY is it a problem? (Not trolling, I really want to know)

My take on it is this: personally I never even noticed this until reading this thread because I usually hide the yokes when flying with my yoke. I see no reason to leave them on. On the contrary: they often block the view to some instruments, knobs and buttons. And of course in a real aircraft I would neither have two yokes nor do I look at the real one because I know from feel where it is (as I do with the yoke on my desk). So the simulated yoke gives me no extra information while limiting the use of the virtual panel.

It’s a little different with aircraft that have a flight stick. I then switch to a joystick as well. But here I normally don’t need to hide the stick in the sim, because its so low down, I can’t see it anyway in the cockpit view and it doesn’t block any other controls.

Ahh at first I thought you meant why is it a problem for the devs to fix it, but yeah you’re asking why it’s a problem for us.

Since you hide the Yokes we can see why you don’t notice it, and agree in the real aircraft there’s is one visible Yoke. When you’re in VR though - if you hide the Yoke there are zero visible yokees. I also used to hide the Yoke before I got VR and that’s why I only noticed this bug now after getting a headset.

When you’re in VR the Yokes don’t get in the way, your head is constantly on the move. Also when in VR you cannot see your real Yoke anymore. Seeing the replacement Yoke helps your brain put you in the seat. In DCS for example you can go even further and have a realistic pilot body in the cockpit that only the VR players turn on mostly.

So seeing the Yoke move all weird when you’re controlling immediately makes your brain lose immersion, and can even make you think you’ve got messed up curves set if you didn’t know it’s a bug.

It’s a bug that’s unique to MSFS, none of my other flight sims have this issue with the VR Yoke or Stick (IL2, DCS, Falcon BMS)


That’s interesting, I did set mine up via SPAD.Next and it didn’t resolve it.

Which function/event are you using to bind it? I might investigate to find a way.

Also which aircraft did you test on?


thanks for the explanation :+1:t2:

As a data point, I use to control my Honeycomb Alpha yoke axes, using the standard pitch and roll axis types, and have always seen this problem of mismatched yoke positions with the Cessna 172. I don’t think it’s true that using an external program helps; at least it doesn’t for me.

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Apologies, first of all for the delayed response but also for being incorrect. I think I had convinced myself it did improve things.

I would do anything to get this issue actually resolved :frowning:

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