Moving clouds with winds

Flying in a heavy crosswind, I notice that clouds seem impervious to wind, and just stay there. It makes dodging storm clouds a bit too easy. It would be great to have clouds, particularly those with vertical elements like CMs, move with the wind.

Can we expect that development one day?

But, they already do that;


Clouds already move. Turn up the wind :grin:

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Hmmm, I’ll have to play with that. Maybe the cloud speed is not the same as the wind. Earlier I was flying in a 50 knot crosswind in the G58 Baron, crabbing hard, and clouds that were in my flightpath did not move out of the way (and yes, I know the difference between heading and flightpath).

Tested that on top of Mauna Kea months ago. Clouds most definitely move with the wind. I used that to get the clouds where I wanted them for a picture. :blush:


So can we mark this thread as Wish Granted?

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I do this all the time :grinning:

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I’m not so sure, guys. I’m wondering if Asobo played a little trick with the clouds, where if the camera is stationary (i.e. on the ground), the clouds move, but if you are flying, the clouds stop moving - maybe to ease up on processing requirements. More testing needed.

If you don’t believe it’s working, why not set up a simple test.

Set up a very strong crosswind, and get the AP to hold a course that is perpendicular to the crosswind. You should then see the clouds crossing your flight path.

So you’re saying that Asobo, rather than simply implementing moving clouds, or being honest and not implementing moving clouds, would rather intentionally deceive the customers by doing a visual trick? If you believe Asobo is so dishonest, why would you do business with them in any way ever?!

It makes no sense that a company would do something that intentionally deceptive. And it makes even less sense that you would do business with them.

He’s not saying that. You are saying that. Relax

I’m not saying that. He’s implying that. Relax

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Your plane is moving in the same air the clouds are. A camera on the ground is moving with the earth.

By that logic, the clouds should be moving at around 1000mph (at the equator) :grin: