Moving Steam MSFS to a new computer

So I just purchased a new gaming computer and I would like to know if there are any special considerations for migrating my Steam Version to the new computer? Do I just log into my Steam account on the new computer and re-install? I’m guessing I will need to make a copy of the contents of the community folder and move that to the new computer. What about settings and control preferences? Do I have to “decommission” MSFS on the old rig before I download it on the new one? What about my add-ons like the TDS GTN 750? I’ve read a few posts on moving the sim to a new drive on the same computer but I am not sure how those procedures would apply when moving to a totally new computer. Thanks for any suggestions!


Download the steam client on the new PC, log in and install. You will then need to launch the sim to get it fully installed and updated (remember to go into Content Manager and grab everything you are missing).

You can also copy the contents of your community folder over after the installation(s) and updates are completed.

As for all your settings, and input device profiles they all will (should) be there as they are backed up to the cloud. So as long as you are using the same account (which you should be) they will all be there.

Oh grasshopper, there are many many ways to accomplish this. The fastest is to remove the drive that has MSFS on it and put it into the new machine. Then install steam, install the steam client for the fs, when MSFS starts to run it will want to update, click on the suggested update path (used to be a button here) and enter the path to MSFS on the drive you moved over from the other machine.

Or you could do the above but copy the old dir MSFS to the new drive on the new machine, then install steam the sim and when it asks update click on the path and tell it where you copied it to.

Just make sure your using the dir that has the flightsimulator.exe in it. It works, Ive dont it multiple times.
And its alot faster then waiting for the download to install.

But keep in mind you have to be comfortable with all the steps in the above procedures, or else you could run into issues. And if your not comfy then do as skypilot recomends. Either way will work my was is faster since you dont have to rely on the internet for the files.

As far as that goes if both machines are connected on your internal network you can just copy them from the old machine as well, then follow the procedures above…Good Luck