Moving the community folder

Im running out of space on c drive so can I move the community folder to another drive to free up some space. If so what steps do I have to follow

As far as I’m aware, you can’t move it on its own (though I’m happy to be corrected).

What you can do though, is use an addon from which allows you to put your addons anywhere you like and uses shortcuts in your Community folder. I forget the name of it but I’m sure someone will chip in.

Here is the link that @SwiftTugboat430 is talking about… It’s a great program…I am using the addon linker myself…MSFS Addons Linker » Microsoft Flight Simulator

thanks for that much apricated

How to move community folder:

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Um…the OP asked if he could move the Community folder, not the whole caboodle.

Incidentally, since you mention it, when I moved my packages, I didn’t bother with editing user.opt. I simply moved the packages in Explorer, started the sim, and when asked where I wanted to download the packages to, I pointed it to my new folder and it was happy.

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