MPTO - Already reported - Just a question for curiosity

It’s my first time stumbling into a missing airport of some importance. MPTO - Tocumen International Airport in Panama. It’s already been reported, I’ve checked in this forum. What triggered my curiosity is that the whole area, apparently, has been deleted from map.

Here the screenshot from MSFS and Google MAps. Looks like the whole area has been… kinda deleted or replaced with some grass, generic tiles…

I wonder if anyone has an explanation at regards…

There’s a pretty decent freeware for this. There’s also a payware, but it is not worth it in my opinion, both because it’s lacking details and because I refuse to pay for something that should have been available since day 1, considering we were told we would be getting “every airport in the world”.

Missing this one is pretty serious because we’re talking about a large airport that moved 16.5 million pax per year, pre-pandemic.

Exactly. That’s what surprised me mostly… the importance of the Airport and the fact the whole area is “deleted” from the map.

maybe one of the upcoming WU updates could be dedicated to those long list of missing airports around the world :

WU 8 : Missing Airports around the Globe

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xplanation is probably military stuff in the area.

Not really. It’s visible in google maps and it is manily composed by malls, hospitals, commercial and residential area… beyond the airport itself. Actually today I noticed that part of the airport is visible as ground texture…

I too tried to fly into MPTO but found out it’s missing. Is this a joke? How is such a major destination just casually missing from MSFS, Yet there’s payware readily for it? Not even a default vanilla airport.

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There is no explanation, nor would there be a good reason for MPTO to be missing. Every topic about this is filled with end users making baseless excuses for the MSFS team and giving endless and pointless opinions on the matter.

Perhaps there will be a world update to correct this immense oversight, but this (all these major airports totally missing) truly is a gigantic blunder.

I personally would love to hear any “official” excuses on the matter.

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