MS/Asobo....PLEASE STOP the mandatory updates!

There are ways to run previous builds if you have the skills, so not technically impossible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Beta is probably running on different servers.
It is not technically impossible to provide support for older versions, but it becomes expensive very quickly.


They don’t need to though; they could let people stay on the older builds and just disable all online services if there is an API conflict :slight_smile: - Of cause then the users who choose to stay behind would complain the sim looks like FS <insert older version here>

Im not sure about that, the onlineservices are the weather and the imagery, its just speculation, but i would assume the MSFS client is technically the same as the bing maps app, and i know bing maps works with totally outdated clients.

Regarding the multiplayer, i dont know, but for me personally it isn’t a important feature to see random pepole flying around with no way to interact, so maybe it there are other users like me who would opt out of it in favor do delayed updates. This isn’t an mmo, there even is an offline mode, so maybe outdated versions could be reduced to “offline mode” but with weather and imagery.

It isn’t the first time this discussion comes up, but as far as i know there was no official statement if it would be possible.
It’s all just speculation.

Good point, I forgot about that. I suppose it is just possible they have a development server for the devs, as there will probably be breaking changes at some point.

At least they should allow those with significant issues the easy options to roll back to earlier build…just like graphic cards driver and to some extend window version or updates…ability fot users to sell remove the updates.

Rolls backs and staying on previous versions go against both the Steam and Microsoft Store ecosystems.

Although it would be technically possible to create a game that does not use online services and could allow for users to stay on previous builds, doing so would likely break some kind of developer agreement with the likes of Steam at the very least. I know from personal experience that I’ve always been forced to update X-Plane when an updates hits Steam, it’s just how it works.

The days where you managed your own installation and edited your own files are over. Using Steam and MS Store means that from a legal standpoint, you the user don’t actually own the files they store on your hard drive. You own a license to download and use them, so self modifying them is really not an option.

Also, as a developer myself I know I would much rather have 10,000 users complaining about 1 build than have 10,000 users complaining about 20 different builds, it’s much more manageable to make sure everyone is using the same code. Having it setup in this way makes the many reports we see on forums much more helpful. When everyone uses the same build, and is complaining about the same thing it’s easier to see what is a bug and what is actually someones stone age PC. With different versions out in the wild, the waters are muddy and it becomes much more difficult (and slow!) to address everyone’s issues.

Personally, I’d rather stay how we are. At least with everyone singing from the same hymn sheet with one voice we stand a chance of being listened too.



I see your point…but only from developer point…as a user and going by the experiences with MSFS updates. This causes too much frustration and potential for certain grps of users to not be able to use the product they paid for for an extended time. Consumers are held to ransom if thing goes wrong, and very wrong…whether it get heard or not and how soon resolution arrived if it arrived is anyone guess…and hw about few years time will support still be as timely? My consideration is from user and consumer interest and rights at this time, and rightly so the only consideration i need to have, is from a consumer or users’ point for obvious reason.

I do not agree at all. Please continue as of today, mandatory updates whenever needed.


Any reason for your stand which you mind to share as well? Of cos you are free not to disclose the reason or use personal preference as answer, that would still sound more intellectual.

Supportability. It would be a nightmare for the whole ecosystem to develop and support multiple builds.

‚Hey I am on SU4 but your airplane has issues‘. No, I am not updating to SU5 because the LOD issue. Still I want your aircraft to be fixed.‘

All these recommendations and proposals are somewhat selfish considering the big picture.

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The reason behind having the ability to roll back to earlier build is actually not to ask developer to continue supporting earlier builds…but to allow developer to focus on addressing the issues that these users have with latest build prior to users updating to the latest build. In other words, developer shd continued to encourage users of earlier builds to update to the latest but without users being held ransom if update broke the sim altogether for certain grps of users. This is like a safety net for user and protect user very basic interest, which is to still have decent ability to use the product they paid for.

The game worked fine before the update and works fine after it, so what are we to do?

It’s a wonderful idea but it falls down in practice. People are inherently selfish and will want “their” issue fixed on “their” version. They don’t want to update because XYZ changed and they don’t like it, but they still want “their” bug fixed.

In an ideal world I totally agree with you, and that’s how developers want it to be, but it’s proven time and time again to be impractical across so many types of software. You’ll never please everyone especially stubborn types that refuse to update, so rather than end up with an unmanageable mess of bugs across 20 versions and trying to fix them all, lets just make sure everyone has the same version with the same bugs and we attack them methodically one by one.

Count yourself fortunate.

We always get these complaints and often it is things like Community Folder or not updating the Store stuff. But this is a problem, as Asobo have effectively admitted by putting out an emergency hotfix. (good for them)

It will never happen, but what needs to happen is;

  • Better Quality Control
  • Listen to your Beta Testers more carefully
  • Better Quality Control
  • Stop with constant Regressions of graphics
  • …and finally BETTER…QUALITY…CONTROL!

One thing I hope they’ll do is formalise some of the mods besides WT’s G1000.

But from commercial terms, are developer bound to continue to support earlier builds? I doubted so as long as disclaimer clauses are appropriately and legally included. As you will see from time to time software maker such as microsoft would include these clauses or disclaimers. My reason to proposed for such fallback is really in worst case scenario users dont end without a product to use when developer are no nolonger timely in support, developer are profit and business motivated, and as additional revenue thinned, support will start to lag as developer too are money driven.

To be fair to Asobo, they’ve probably had no time to do anything other than XBox stuff, as they’ve probably been given a “release on this date, come hell or high water” line.

I’m hoping they will now stop doing new stuff for a bit and fix the avionics and aircraft and outstanding bugs

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Asobo is issuing a bug fix, that is not an admission of anything other than that there are bugs in the game and they are repairing those bugs. Despite all of these bugs the majority seem to be able to update this game, start it and play it. Go figure. Also, I do not count myself fortunate, I did nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary, I just updated the game and played it, that’s all I did.