MS FS update does not show up in the MS store

So I can’t even try out the new update. Much less, use the app. It usually showed up in the store just fine on previous updates.


Reboot and check again.
Then start msfs and see what happens.

this has been noted and solutions given, but the thread keeps getting deleted or maybe it is just moved but had to find

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See the other posts from today on this…MS/Asobo acknowledged the problem and said the workaround is to download the “XBOX” app from the Store to your PC (strange I know but go into the Store and search for XBOX and then pick the one that just says “XBOX” and download and start it)…then launch MSFS from inside the XBOX app and that has worked for many people to see/get the MSFS update.


Wow. That worked. So very strange to download an app I have zero interest in, in order to just get a net-wide app update. Seems very dysfunctional. Thanks!


Thanks. Bizarre but that worked for me too

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Flight simulator 2020 was a great game until they started this Xbox nonsense. I am now going to find out if I can get my money back. I’ve had enough of these useless people at ASOBO!

Thanks, workaround successful; FS2020 now updated to VI.

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same for me

Glad it worked. I had to do this for SU5 and now that I have the Xbox app on the PC it seemed to work no problem for today’s download, meaning I still updated via the MS Store today and not the Xbox app, but the Xbox app was installed on my Pc a few months back at SU5to make that particular update download. Makes no sense how all of these Microsoft products interact (or don’t). Maybe someday it will actually be simple and not an exercise in frustration and guessing and frantically reading posts. I saw the official MS advice to another forum member earlier today and it was 10 groups of steps with each group at like 5 sub-steps, so like 50 things to do in order to re-sync your credentials to authenticate the downloads if they aren’t showing up when you launch the sim from the MS store. Ridiculous.

yea kinda wish that were a separate function not ‘built-in’ to the code… just make/produce for purchase for XBox soley…

It doesn’t work for me. Unable to install latest update and worst unable to make the SU5 version working.


Thank you. I was able to update successfully. But it’s strange.

After re-starting my computer I noticed that the Xbox application was running, I then decided to access its setting to disable its 3 default selections for “Startup Settings”. I can always re-start the Xbox app later on if problems with downloading’s future FS2020 update. FYC

Why should I go to xbox?. It´s a different platform. Or thy’re tying to convince us of buying another of their games? After my experience with MSFS I wouldn’t even dare trying any of them. Enjoy the game those who can. Bye for now.
36 hrs. later
Got it. Used xcompanion

for me the download and install of the xbox app worked as well

i swear, MSFS- you are just a plain difficult game to like sometimes. sometimes i wonder why im still here.

you can be a pretty sim to look at, there seems to be a comedy of errors at every turn. things other sims manage with ease are inexplicably bass-ackwards here.

im glad to see im not the only one having trouble updating

it works. After installation of Xbox app the button appears in the MS store “Downloads” on the top right (searching for updates). Wait a moment and Flight Simulator appears

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sure would be wonderful if msfs was self-updating like the others, rather than requiring you to go to some webstore and look for a way to update, which may or may not show up there

The Xbox app is required for installation and updating.

Microsoft Store - Download and Installation issues, Part II - Basic Troubleshooting – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

For installation issues, please use the subcategory: #bugs-and-issues:performance

Thank you!