Ms Sidewinder Force Feedback 2

Trim down (up Hat) and Trim Up (Down Hat) works well for me. :slight_smile:


Has anybody successfully setup the throttle? I don’t see the option to bind an axis to the throttle…


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This should actually be Throttle axis not Throttle 1 Axis though.

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True, as Throttle 1 Axis will only work for single engines :slight_smile:
Works for me, as I am going to setup different profiles for various aircraft (as time allows!)

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I set all of the bottom on Force feedback and nothing works…

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Do you have more information than the official announcement on the FS Force website? Any ‘insider’ info? Would love to get FFB in MSF2020.

No, I am afraid not but it can’t be long before we get some force feedback from somewhere.

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Never lose hope :smiley:

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Thankyou all for the above help
Got my MS FF2 joystick working good now , just need to sort out the view hat switch then all is well in the world.
fantastic simulator ! just wish they had enabled a simple auto joystick config


I spend a good hour trying to map the stick, I opted for forget it, put it back in the closet an close the game, which probably end up getting uninstalled.

Mine works just fine, only had to reduce sensitivity a lot, I think I’m at -40%. No force feedback though.

Many thanks for sharing your settings. I configured the sensitivity to -50% etc but I find i can’t control the plane (a Cessna!) with this at all. Disappointing because it worked perfectly with FS X. Am I missing anything - is everyone else managing to use this joystick with FSFS 2020?

basic settings i use hope this helps


Yep, looks good apart from the throttle. You are only mapping to one engine. Use the Throttle axis to control more than one engine, not Throttle 1 or 2


From my point of view : I can say it is all well thought-out from the dev team, all makes sense, and the good news is - every Joystick, Mouse or Tracking system worx in FS2020. (Ed Tracker for instance … aswell)

First of all:
You can assign a button or axis of your desired Joystick to more than one function.
(for example the mentioned throttle assigment above)

Once in the menu first click the desired Joystick in the list above and assign functions
If you have a second JS then click this one … and so on

But the thing is: You really have to READ the words in the list… don’t rush. There is so much you can use…and things can get confusing when NOT reading carefully
With that in mind…it might be very helpful to do it this way - calm and steady

It worx - trust yourself and stop whining :wink:

,so and now BACK to topic:

Force feedback will be available from FS Force shortly.

Think that’s the main proposition here :wink:
So when do you think it will drop on the market?


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Benissimo grazie!!!

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Non sono per niente d’accordo con cubdriver

Sono d’accordo sull’automatismo e non funziona il cappello!

I also can’t believe they don’t have a profile set up for the sidewinder sticks. I’ve got the non-FF one and it took a good hour of trial and error to get it set up.

Just realized you can combine buttons, so you can increase the number of things you can do with limited buttons. For example I have 3 and 4 set up for flaps up and down, but 3+4 toggles the parking break.

For the POV switch in the cockpit I’ve set it up with quick view for left and right (and the quick view 45 and 120 left and right), up is set to previous pilot position and down as next pilot position. Gives an easy way to get to the instrument panel views.

Another tip, if you use the settings manager to make different profiles and then start making changes, be sure to hit the save/apply button before switching profiles. I’ve had it not warn me that I haven’t saved and just change the profile to the next one and lost the changes I made. I’ve also had it warn me, so it seems random…