Ms Sidewinder Force Feedback 2

I set up the FF2 throttle slider but it does not seem to bind. I saved it and it shows in the setup.

So you have assigned these two buttons to toggle the brakes?.. just to be clear: 3 =on 4 =off ? (or vice versa) Think for safety reasons, to be sure…right?

You can toggle it by using only one button … there 's a function for this …just for all other readers :wink:

I am not talking about the parking brake.

I am talking about the THROTTLE SLIDER.

What I mean is I use 3 for flaps up, 4 for flaps down, and pressing 3 and 4 at the same time toggles the parking break on or off.

The ability to use simultaneous button presses lets you set more controls when you run out of buttons.

Ah ok…now :smile:, Yepp!

Hello. Why are two columns l+r to set the jostick button? Thanks!

Don’t Know but found the above works best , apart from the throttle which i have since changed to : !

- as funkiersteam pointed out - thanks

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After a lot of maneuvering and trial and error I finally got my MS FFB2 joystick to work as smooth as butter. I was at a point of frustration that I was ready to uninstall the game and ask for a refund

I must recognize and thank all the forum members who contributed to the knowledge base with tips and sound advice without whom I wouldn’t had been able to figure out the not so friendly button binding process. I’m enjoying the sim as it was intended.

Even the Force Feedback feature in my joystick is working. Speaking of which; for those for whom it’s not. I’d advice to check your Windows 10 version. FS2020 was intended to work with Windows 10 versions 1909 and 2004. if your windows version is an earlier one, try upgrading. It’s a long shot but it might be worth s try


I don’t believe force feedback is implemented in the sim.
There are third party developers coming up with solutions but there are none at present.

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Dunno what to tell you. I just checked mine and it’s working even without the sim running. Yep, it has nothing to do with the game. It’s just plugged in the computer and power. Just by moving the stick around I can feel the resistance

Yeah that’s the self-centering mechanism (activated by the optical hand sensor) of the joystick, it’s not actual force ‘feedback’.

Until the FSforce update is released or some other implementation of dynamic forces, you can adjust these static parameters with simFFB

Here’s an updated version with a few extra features added (not my work, original simFFB program by average_pilot) :

(note, closing the application usually disables all centering forces. Normal/default behavior returns after a reboot)


Thanks for the tips and update :grinning:

Thank you to this thread! Just fired up the sim this afternoon and had the same problem where it recognized the FF2 but none of the inputs unless I selected them manually from the Input drop-down. Works great now!!

And again… >>> “FS Force” announcement about implementation of FFB into FS2020

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There may be a bigger issue to FFB support than just the FS Force. I had a Logitech Force Feedback Pro joystick (very similar to the 3dExtreme, but with FFB) and its 15 years old. The problem is with the drivers, Logitech has not created any drivers for Windows 10, so it has to use Generic drivers, which work well as a stick, but force feedback is not available at all with the generic drivers. So unless FS Force can override drivers, you may still not have FFB on all joysticks :frowning:

Also i dont know about the Sidewinder FFB2, but i had the original Sidewinder FFB, and that used the MIDI part of the soundblaster game port to send the FFB signals to the controller. Since those games ports became obsosolte ages ago, you may have a hard time trying to get the original working with FFB (USB to game port adapters usually do not have MIDI, end even them it was only a soundblaster style midi that worked properly).

This was the very reason i moved to the logitech joystick back in 2006… which was USB…

There are adaptors for the older FF sidewinders that use a teensy board and work very well with windows 10.
I don’tthink any of the sidewinders will have problems with FF.
My sidewinder 1 and 2 works great in XPlane with XPforce on windows and in FSX. We just need someone to create an interface to FS2020. Won’t be long.


Mine’s had a piece of tape on it since I got it :smiley:
Especially since I often don’t hold the stick with the full hand around it…

Thanks for the screen shots. I got my sidewider working because of this. Great

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From another thread, FFB is coming based on a working system for X-Plane, FSX, FSW and P3D.


Thanks for sharing bud!

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