MS Store has a Problem

I tried to install my already owned MSFS2020, which was bought from Store, onto a new computer. After a couple of days at it, I took it to a computer shop and the guy there tried for a couple of days and didn’t get any further. The My Library in the Store agreed that I digitally owned the sim, but there was no way it would let me download it to my new machine. I went to Plan B, and bought the sim from Steam. The download and installation were seamless. My account was recognised and my sim name appeared, so it knew all about me. Now, I have bought the sim twice, and have one single account.
If MS is so smart, then knowing I already own te sim, why didn’t it offer to refund me for the second purchase?
Why does MS not provide a clear ‘how to do it’ protocol on how to download and install to a second machine?
MS Store is a maze of misdirection. In my journey, I downloaded X Box in various apps/versions, though I don’t possess an X Box, looked at Windows Defender settings, US English language settings and read pages of advisories. My conclusion is that as far as MS Store is concerned, it’s a case of Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.

I have installed on multiple different machines since release and have had no such issues. I have however, had some weird issues here and there with the MS Store so anything I guess is possible.

Personal Comments and Observations

Buying the sim from MS-Store and buying the sim from Steam are separate and independent purchases. Neither one really knows about the other, for lack of a better term. The only commonality in this case is the use of the same XBox for Windows Gaming (brand name, not implying you’re on XBox or purchasing on XBox) account - which should be the same account that appears in the upper left when you’re logged into the sim and at the main menu.

I’m a Steam user - and the Steam client performs a one-time linkage of my Steam account to my XBox for Windows Gaming account the first time I ever launched the sim. After that, it’s a a handoff to the sim launcher when I double-click the icon.

For feedback to Microsoft or inquiries about refunds - please use the Support link at the top of the forum. Type in the words “refund” and you should get the appropriate Knowledgebase articles. Good luck!

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via Xbox app :wink:

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