MScenery A-10A Thunderbolt II review

Finally got around to posting this review. Probably worth a look at it if you are considering buying this one…


I love this sim, I love the free add ons, I love the payware ad ons. I do not regret purchasing any of the 7 planes I purchased, except for the A10 Thunderbolt. So glitchy. It’s an unfinished product. Camera views are glitchy. The feel of the plane just seems odd/heavy. The gauges are broken and you don’t know what your true airspeed is.

I think it’d be a stretch to call this a decent free plane if it was free. The fact I paid money for this incomplete product doesn’t make me happy. Makes me mad and weary of future purchases. And only one livery.


Absolutely agree. I want my money back. This is a complete ripoff and microsoft shouldn’t have even allowed it’s release on the content store in game. No functions work what so ever. Hud wouldn’t work. You can’t control anything but the basic mechanical dynamics (throttle, rudder, control surfaces). Worst part is, the developer knows it’s trash and doesn’t even care to update it.


Totally agree. It is not even flyable for the most part. Of the 10 or so additions I have purchased this is far and away the worst. And I can’t get my money back. Most of these add on aircraft are scams.

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The A-10 in DCS is so great. This MSFS addon is on the other hand shameful.

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The A-10 has had a few updates recently.

Has it improved to be worthy of purchase yet?

WHY no pilot in the cockpit…SHAME on MScenery !