MSF Addon Linker

Can anyone tell me,
Does the sim load faster using Addon Linker seeing that addons are not actually in the Community folder but, are only a link.

Couldn’t say that the sim actually loads faster but for me the whole point is that I only load the addons I’m going to want, thus reducing the time taken to load the sim, rather than loading everything if you just put it all in the Community Folder. Makes it easier to keep track of updates etc. too.

I’ve got over 700Gb of addons which would take forever, if it ever actually finished!

I’d guess there would be little difference in the time each individual file actually takes to load - the game still needs all the file info.

No, a linked package doesn’t load any faster, it’s limiting how many packages you call in a session that reduces load time.

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Thanks for the response, much appreciated

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I use addon linker so that I can put all my addons on drive D and save space on drive C. Very useful

Actually might do that. Good suggestion, thanks

You can also go to Tools/Options and use the dropdown menu “Choose your FS version” to pick a fast load option for the sim. Then when you click the run icon (rightmost button on the toolbar) the sim will startup quicker.

That’s not how a symbolic link (used by addon linker) works. As far as MSFS is concerned, an addon linked with a directory join type of symbolic link looks exactly the same as if that directory existed in the community folder. Symbolic links are operating system tools that operate invisibly to the application or user. The only exception I’m aware of is Microsoft installers (.msi installers) may know the difference but not much else will.