MSFS 1950 - Historical Airports

How much money do you want to spend? That much.

I had an old system that I stuck a GeForce RTX2070 Super into shortly after MSFS launch. That machine died, so it was a great time to drop $2600 on new components. I aimed quite a bit higher than my “mid-tier” systems over the years. I didn’t get a new GPU because I wasn’t going to spend $2600 on all that gear, and then ANOTHER $2600+ on a GPU. :face_vomiting: (I “only” run in 3480x1080, but the sim looks really good with the settings cranked up!)

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Heh I’ve walked over that arrow IRL a few times. It was used to direct planes onto the bombing range on the beach at Brean in WW2. On the tip of the peninsula where the Arrow is there’s also an old 19th century fort, Brean Down Fort, that was upgraded with some heavy guns for the world wars as well and it was also the place where they tested the bouncing bombs of Dambusters fame. You can still see the remains of the rails they used to launch the prototype bombs off into the sea. Interesting place.

That’s really awesome! Gonna have to download that and fly around with some of the vintage planes we already have. As someone else mentioned above Golden Age Simulations bundled old airport sceneries into some of their FSX/P3D releases and they were really cool.
Edit: oh it was you that mentioned it lol.

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This is all great.

I have started a wishlist topic:

Cheers all.


DeHavilland Heron

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It would require a completely new navigation database. No VORs etc… However, it would not need monthly updates.
Given the taste for vintage aircraft in the Legends of Flight, a vintage nav database would seem an obvious next step.

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If you want some old time navigation there’s this mod Radio Range Navigation » Microsoft Flight Simulator which is actually being built into the upcoming Boeing 247D by Wing42: Upcoming: Wing42 Boeing 247D and here’s a wiki link about the system Low-frequency radio range - Wikipedia

And by the same modder there’s also this CelNav for MSFS - Celestial Navigation Sextant » Microsoft Flight Simulator and also a driftmeter Simple driftmeter for MSFS » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Yep, I came across it walking up there myself which prompted me to look for it in sim. And as you say the fort is well worth a visit. Mrs Priller drew the line at going to look at the launch rails though! Will have to go back… Not too far away there are also a lot of elements of the Mendip Starfish decoy site.

As far as adding the scenery is concerned I think there are a few of us needing to learn how to do it - it is on a list for when real life does not get in the way!

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Excellent, thanks - voted.

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I’ve read about those decoy sites before but never visited. I’ll have to do so at some point!

Over the past year or so I’ve occasionally thought about learning how to make custom sceneries and also 3d modelling so I could do something like recreate an old abandoned WW2 airfield but I never get around to it. Procrastination is a hell of a drug.


@treborillusion - the specs are in the FAQs here

For ref, I can run it at high settings, 30fps locked and no stutters on an i5 4690k, GTX 1060 6Gb and 32gb RAM, running in 1080p.

However, the sim is installed on a dedicated NVME SSD shared only with Windows. All of my addons are managed using Addons Linker and stored on a separate drive to minimise the risk of conflicts.

My personal view is that success with the sim is as much to do with good housekeeping as it has sheer grunt in the system.


Not really. Just don’t use ‘em. I guess you would have to add NDBs or whatever they did use in those days though.

Old Time airport. …what an awsome Idea :+1:

I always dreamed of a simulator where you could set a date and the world around (airports, navaids, ai traffic, buildings etc.) would change according to the era. So you could experience the adventurous beginnings, the jet age etc. I know this will never happen but it would be really cool :slight_smile:


Hi all

Following on from @WaldoP3pper 's info about the US Airmail beacons, I decided to see if any of the surviving sites are visible in the sim, using the info at Arrows Across America and Sometimes Interesting sites.

Sure enough I found the first three I picked at random…

South of Boise, Idaho

South of Las Vegas ( this one is less clear in the sim)

And west of Salt Lake City, halfway up a hillside

If anyone else wants a challenge, then for scale, this is what you are looking for…

Having established that at least some of them are there, I am going to use @DEAN01973 's Stearman as a more appropriate mount to hunt out the rest…


That’s really amazing!

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I think so too - I guess this where flying low and slow wins out over the Tubeliners barrelling along at 39,000’ with all their screens and gizmos!



Charles Lindberg buys his Curtis Jenny (his first aircraft) for $440 + his old Harley-Davidson, then flies his first solo flight

Lindy flies his leaking crate into the army air field to report as a cadet,

(real footage) Lindy flies the St. Louis to Chicago route carrying letters.


That’s super cool. I have to find out what the delta type in your Salt Lake City shot was for.

Interesting to see that some of the markers in the ground textures remain useful to a certain extent.

Looks very good! I haven’t invested in the WACO - I guess the Stearman is not quite so accurate!

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