MSFS 2020 Approach doesn't match approach plate

It seams to me that the waypoint from the A320 MCDU approach and the approach plate from navigraph are not the same. I did an approach at CYYZ for RW 33R from RAGID 5 with the TORNI trans. When reaching RAGID the approach plate shows for the next waypoint VIDRO, that is a right turn from RAGID. Well the autopilot decide to go left to LERAT and then direct to REDOD. So why the MSFS A320 autopilot or MCDU not following the same approach as navigraph? I do install the navigraph charts for MSFS as soon as it come in the communities folder and yes I do delete the old one first.

You said you “install(ed) the navigraph charts for MSFS”. Did you also buy/install Navigraph’s navdata?

yes i did. and it is updated as soon a new one arrive

RAGID then LERAT is the RAGID 5 arrival to runways 05 & 06L/R, you probably inserted it in FMS by mistake instead of the one for runway 33.
Try the same flight again making sure you insert the right arrival and let us know what happened.

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Here are some pictures to show what happen

Hope this help to understand.

I just tested with RW 24 R/L and 23, and still the same, rerouting to LERAT instead of DENKA to DUGDA for RW 23 and AMILLU for RW 24 R/L. So to me it seam to mix part of RAGID for RW 06 R/L and 5! It’s not a huge deal but there are issues with approach between MSFS and navigraph. So I did a test and loaded a flight plan from navigrapg, now this did work perfectly! Every waypoint as it should. Not sure what to make of it. I just load change to a gate and click fly.

I was flying IFR from Yakima, WA (KYKM) to SEA-TAC and the approach was never correct. I had approach set to Automatic. Once I selected a runway (16L) in the approach every thing matched the Approach Plate and vectoring was correct. Just a long shot, I’m a noob so take it with a grain of salt.

This is not a Navigraph problem. It is a fundamental issue with how the flight computers that don’t give you the ability to specify an arrival runway handle these STARS.

The photographs you posted are doing exactly what they would do in Navigraph in MSFS. In the globe, you selected the RAGID5 arrival for runway 23 whereas in Navigraph you have it selected for runway 33R. So there’s no actual issue with what you presented on the globe. You just had two different things selected. I’m not sure if this was part of the discrepancy you were trying to point out between Navigraph and MSFS. If it is, you simple have things set up differently. If you know this and it isn’t what you were trying to point out, scroll to the bottom where I explain why the airbus is being weird.

If I go to navigraph and set up the arrival the way that you have it selected in the MSFS globe, I get this:

Which matches this:

Now if I do the opposite and match MSFS to what you have in Navigraph, I get this:

Which matches this:

Now, to address the issue you see in the A320. For whatever reason, in planes that don’t give you the ability to select a runway for arrival, the sim will automatically select the first runway. In this case, it automatically selects the RAGID5 arrival for runway 5 as it is the first on the list. Then it’s simply trunkating the arrival to take you to the initial fix for the approach. You’ll find that if you hop into the TBM, you are given the opportunity to select the arrival runway in the computer when setting up the STAR. In that instance, it will route you as you would expect on the Navigraph chart:

You can get around this on the globe because you are given the ability there to select the runway as well. However, that information doesn’t follow through to the MCDU in the airbus for who knows what reason. Since there isn’t any way to select the arrival runway when setting up the STAR on the airbus and there isn’t an automatic filter like there is on the CJ mod (or however they get it to work based on the selected approach), you get stuck with the default first runway in the list.


Thank you for your time and effort in writing up this thoughtful, detailed reply. Greatly appreciate it!

Yes the MSFS pic shows the wrong arrival, but I did rectify that after and still the same. I do better understand how the system works now, thanks. What I know , if I load a flight plan from navigraph then the MCDU shoes the right path to he approach. It still a bit confusing and don’t really understand why ASOBO set this up this way. All other sim works properly for approach and arrival.
But again what do I know!!

It’s a limitation. Asobo inevitably programmed an incorrect assumption into the handling of multi-route arrivals.

Granted, it’s the first sim where the arrival data is embedded within the sim core functions rather than an external FMS script. Still, would be worth correcting these various nav data issues.