MSFS 2020 crashing/stuttering more than usual (Xbox)

Just what the title says. Ever since the latest update, I have noticed that the sim encounters a CTD more frequently than before SU7. Even when not using a 3rd party addon. Honestly, I don’t know what happened, but suddenly just for a few days now, the game has become unplayable. There are stutters/freezes everywhere, and if they get too much, then the game crashes. I’m on the Xbox Series X. Am I the only one experiencing these? It’s a shame that I am actually considering a gaming PC because, well, the game is now unplayed on Xbox. Has there actually been an acknowledgment of the issues by the MS/Asobo team?


I have noticed the same thing. Have turned off live traffic and that has helped, it would crash right before finishing the loading screen to takeoff

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And you Xbox users thought you were being left behind. You’ve caught up with the PC experience now!


I’m afraid there could still be a mod conflict even if you aren’t actually flying with any, sometimes just having a broken marketplace mod installed seems to be enough so you need to look in known issues. I have recently pointed out to Zendesk an option to disable marketplace mods rather than only to uninstall them would be of great benefit when troubleshooting and I really hope it can be implemented.


there is something wrong with sim. I did a complete reinstall and I remove the game completely from my PC. Did a new install nothing in my community folder and am still getting CTD. when I hit fly it crashes.

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This thread is specifically for Xbox so you are posting in the wrong place

However it works for thousands … so first check the path to your package files in UserCfg.opt
Also if US English is not your default then check you have the US language pack installed.

um, really now?

Hit me

and me

and me again

I think it’s time to find a lawyer. This is happening too frequently and the game we paid for is not playable. You should not have to spend more money on a PC to enjoy what was promised to us on Xbox. I have not enjoyed this game in the last 3 months because of CTD, stuttering, and my DC6 being removed from my Xbox only to be told it was not. We just want to enjoy the game on our Xbox X/S.


Maybe you should ask for a refund before turning to expensive lawyers who will likely ask for cash up front.

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Not worried about the cash Denise. I do want my plane, but I want a game for my Xbox community that works more! This is not about Me. This is about everyone on Xbox who has experienced stutters, ctds, crashes, black screens, game crashing right before you land and those tired of not getting quality planes as the PC does. We bought the game thinking we would fly with no issues. By the way lawyers are not that expensive!

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With well over a million copies of MSFS 2020 sold, the relatively miniscule number of contributors to this forum should help us keep things in perspective. Do some people have problems with performance which stem from their personal hardware setups? Yes. Do the vast majority of the million-plus other users share that problem? No. With such a large consumer base, Asobo must adopt a utilitarian approach to things. That is, what provides the greatest good for the greatest number of people? Given the vast silent majority and the continued sales of the product, they’ve probably got it just about right.

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Why not just spend the money on a PC instead of a lawyer.

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Indeed. What is a lawyer meant to do? Fix the problems? Get your fifty bucks refunded? Such a big outlay. Such a small return.

Because when you buy a console and the MSFS 2020, you would expect the game to work faultlessly, as advertised. CTDs are not advertised as a core experience of the sim, are they? Perfect reason to get a lawyer involved in that case. Especially when every other update keeps introducing new stability issues. Though I agree that it would be pretty expensive, especially if MS/Asobo lawyered up…that would make a very lengthy, costly case…

LOL, oh man, I needed that. Thank you :sweat_smile:

Same issue here with Xbox Series S. Black screens daily, DTC and other kind of problems. Tryed to re-install MSFS several times, live trafic on/off , live weather on/off… don’t know why this sh** is happening.
Sometimes (rarely) works fine over 8h flight with everything live options turned on.
This is sooo frustrating. :weary:
Please Asobo, do something to this issue!!

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And there, dear friend, you make my point beautifully.

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Just voted on this, incredibly frustrating. My flights have been freezing with no fix whenever I’m using the external view of the aircraft.

Tried 4 different flights yesterday and every single one crashed, at different moments. Some 20 minutes after take off, one was 1:40 after takeoff. This happened both on the Latitude and Dreamliner (which were the whole point of buying the Deluxe edition over the weekend.


It’s just a d. $120 toy that still does a whole lot of great things. If you want a perfect a “real” simulator, they cost tens of thousands of dollars.

I’ve been having same issues recently. A couple of CTDs and stuttering at times, especially after landing. Bought the game and X-Box just for the sim, really hoping they’ll do something about it.