MSFS 2020 directory

So need some help here. I know the directory for msfs. C:/users ,me, app data, packages etc. But it seems empty and doesn’t have the sim startup file in there or at least cant find it. I also have it under Xbox. I bought this when it came out and have all the previous MSFS sims. I cant remember if I bought it through Xbox or through Microsoft Store. I see it in both or are they the same. I also see MSFS in Steam and not sure how it ended up in there. When I start sim though Xbox it does weird things but if i start it through a desktop app it is more normal . How can I find out where exactly this sim is sitting and the most important who did I buy it through or how can I find out. I’m getting old and forget stuff like what I did yesterday. LOL

I would start by logging into Microsoft’s website with the email you think is attached to your account. Once you log in to MS you can view your Account and Order History. This will display receipts for any applications, DLC, or add-ons purchased.

If this is where you’ve purchased it should show here. I’m not a steam member so I’m not sure, but it’s likely their process is the same. Under your account you should see your order history or past purchases.

Happy hunting!

If you did get it through Steam you will find it in the following;

C:\Users\YourProfile\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator

You will also see it in the Steam install directory;

C:\Program Files(X86)\Steam\steamapps\comming\Microsoft Flight Simulator

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1 Launch MSFS
2 Click start and type task manager - press enter

3 Click details.
Right-click flightsimulator.exe and select open file location

1 Sign in to a microsoft account

2 select order history

3 Make sure to adjust the time filter to “All available”.


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Tanks guys. Found where its at and when and how I bought it. Appreciate the info.
Turns out it was through Microsoft store through XBox.,
Now to sort out my G2 crashes to black screen while in flight.