MSFS 2020 is complete when

On the ground or in-flight too?? Would love a clean exit option during a stutter fest.

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When we had Zoom Level 17 -18 Orthos. And when the AP works reliable all the time and much more.

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When I can consistently have smooth, problem free flights from startup to shutdown every single time no matter where I fly.


That’s already the case, except not on your hardware probably.

When we are hyper-focused on flight models and not landmarks. The graphics are great, but it feels like they are trying to make a sightseeing game.

I read a great article somewhere that showed how MSFS is actually optimized for flying from external view. I’ve never flown from external view on any other sim.

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Another smartass gamer who talks to people in a way they never would in real life.

Here you go champ. Read.


Xbox flight mode


When I can smell the rain in VR.


Software is like art – it’s never complete, there’s always one more brushstroke you could add to improve it. :wink:

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Many people enjoy the graphics, and fly specifically for the experience of “looking out the window”. Don’t shame your fellow simmers for enjoying simming differently than you. <3

On the ground for aircraft walk-arounds and to explore airports and landing areas.

In the air for Skydiving🤘🏻

well…is it a complain?

Once I can create a free flight with a proper world map that includes different layers like satellite image, aviation specific, basic “bing street” style, basic with terrain and so on. Right now it’s still quite literally a greyed out joke of a map, useless at best.

When it works exactly like real life!!!

(and charging me $2500 an hour running costs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

But then we don‘t call it Sim anymore. I think a Flight Simulator is ready, when 99,99 % is like in Real Life. But this will take time and MSFS will not gonna reach that. But hopefully near that.

you’ll have to wait for the hotfix that’ll be needed

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Somewhat implied in your text, but not only where but WHAT you fly. They should call this a “Cessna 152 Flight Simulator”, or a “Scenery Simulator whilst Appearing as if Your Flying Something Simulator” or a “As-Is Warranty Flight Simulator” or “You’ll have to buy 3rd party planes to work right Flight Simulator”

Hey folks,

take a smile on your face, even if not everything is funny now.

Give me some more crazy ideas!

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What I want is simple; I want to get into a plane - any plane - and be able to consistently fly from point A to B with a reproducibly good experience.

Performance is one aspect only. If I can get consistent frame times and a frame rate that doesn’t dip below 30, I’m good. And I used to get that prior to the Dec VR update. Major updates since then have just made performance worse and worse to bring me to the current sub-20 fps I’m seeing. But again, that’s just 1 aspect.

I’d like ATIS to be accurate to weather in the sim (whether it matches real world or not, but preferably does). It’s useless as it currently is.

I’d like ATC to not slam me into the side of a mountain during IMC conditions or not order me to climb to flight levels at 10NM from my destination airport while flying a Cessna 172.

I’d like to be able to fly more than 1 mission without having to restart due to live weather not working after first flight.

I’d like to be able to punch my approach into my FMS without it turning me around to a new imaginary waypoint that’s anywhere from 1-50NM behind me.

I’d like to be able to alter my flight plan in my FMS without causing it to freeze up.

I’d like Direct To to actually function as it’s supposed to.

I honestly don’t think I’m asking for much. Most of those issues, I can easily work around. But I shouldn’t HAVE to.

When I can experience that, I’ll call it “complete”, and anything we get after that is basically bonus content as far as I’m concerned.


Exactly. When it fully integrates with GTA 6, The sim is complete.