MSFS 2020 Performance Update for Low-End GPU's

Ahh, ok. Well, that’s not nice then.

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Not trying to ruin the party, but we need to understand that simulation needs beefy hardware, or at least midrange hardware to run somewhat acceptable. In the end, you can just expect so much from low-end hardware, Dx12 or not, and with all the optimizations in the world, there’s no such thing as magic. You get what you pay for etc, as much as it pains me to say this… I understand that this is frustrating for some, but it never really used to be any different with flight simulators. There’s no way to tell really, gotta wait and see. My guess would be that Dx12 and under the hood improvements should help, allowing for more visual fidelity, and maybe smoother frametimes, reduction of stutters, in pcs outfitted with low-end gpu’s, but on the fps front not much will change, I fear. How big that performance uplift will be though, and if at all, that’s in the stars…

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The same that they have now, with minor improvements. Laminar doesn’t have the resources to change the game, should be pretty obvious by now. Look where Xplane was 3 years ago, how much has really changed in a dramatic fashion? A new UI and a few minor improvements to the flight model, thats it. The rest can be disregarded. To each their own.


Very nice! Can you link those? Thanks

From what I gather the update will benefit CPU limited multicore systems the most but all gpu’s are likely to also see some improvement, naturally not as much for low end cards but that isn’t set in stone … I’m hoping for 4K all ultra @ 60fps on my GT1030 but I imagine that might be stretching it a little :wink:

Maybe they weren’t very good beta testers?

Same here I will join the low end club too lol .My 2060super is already maxed while my 10700k also has very low usage but turning HT off seem to make things a bit smoother but I will take the improvement if the glass cockpit performance is fixed.
If SU5 can be more stutter free that’s enough for me.

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Right now I am seeing my 3950X 16 core processor never being used above 15% in game, but my 2070 Super card is constantly pegged at 99%. My wish is to see multicore processors being utilized more.

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Same thing on my end. 3950x with a 2070 Super. CPU never used above 15%, and GPU always pegged at 99%.

You can run a CPU benchmark software in parallel if you feel your CPU is under utilized.

I don’t know why you want to increase your PCs heat output when there’s no more FPS to squeeze

If it was only about fps’ you might be right but it isn’t by a long way

I have to agree with you,. I am sick of the downgrades to improve performance which people are complaining about. There is nothing wrong with the performance if you run appropriate settings for an appropriate PC. I saved up a lot of money to get the best PC I could to run the sim, and it has just looked worse and worse since release. The graphics are really the only reason to use this sim above others, you take those away and you might as well not bother using MSFS. It’s very infuriating.


look forward to!

I do not believe that :wink:

I mean, your argument makes it obvious that Asobo tickled your soft spot for not being included in the beta.

They announced they wanted testers from all hardware backgrounds to be in the beta because I assume they want to confirm that the performance update will benefit all variety of hardware. Most likely you have a very common build?

At this point it’s quite delusional to say that X-Plane will ever be better than MSFS quality-wise. MSFS is still very young and I can see that its current complexity will only allow more improvements throughout its life. Default Bing scenery looks very good whereas in X you need many sceneries to make something look pleasant - guaranteed VFR pilots won’t look back.


May i remind everyone to keep your expectations at bay. That’s all I can say. Some will see improved fps and others will not. Others will also know that somethings have to be removed in order for performance to increase (generically speaking).

So don’t overhype yourselves just yet.

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You probably weren’t in the last beta, so you can’t know. But it was promised by Asobo MS, as I wrote, that those who sign back with “Count me in” are automatically in the current beta. That annoys me promises that are not kept.
As for Xplane none of us can know what is coming. As for the Bing maps, I absolutely agree with you Asobo covers a lot, but the quality is also very different depending on the region. In my case, no Bing data is available and therefore only very poorly displayed.
Since I find the solution to download maps from better providers what is possible with Xplane quite good. Also, Xplane was available very early in VR, which was very important for me because I fly purely in VR.
Of course the MSFS also supports VR. I’m more interested in the fact that Xplane can still come up with things we have no idea about.
And I also believe that the gain in performance from the upcoming update in turn brings worse graphics with you. Like for example the LOD became worse and worse and no one can deny that.
I am absolutely glad that Asobo MS published the MSFS, it is very good. However, I find that the closeness to the players is missing and they become transitions.

This simply isn’t true though.

One case in point that we can already talk about since Asobo publicly mentioned it - the moving of the the Cockpit displays to a separate thread. There is nothing removed from the game, no reduction in fidelity, yet it takes away a significant bottleneck and cause of stuttering from the CPU in glass cockpit aircraft.

Optimisations to games don’t inevitably have to mean removal of features or downgrades. Modern games are incredibly complex, and there are often more efficient ways of utilising your resources to achieve the same goal when given more time to go back and re-examine where the bottlenecks lie.

Seb has said (pointedly I might add) that the gains in SU5 have come from a comprehensive refactoring of how the sim is coded, not by reducing quality or scope. Anyway, not long for everyone to wait to see the fruits of their labour now… as you say it is wise to keep expectations in check, with all the hardware variations out there it is inevitable that individual results will vary, but it’s also good not to be overly cynical too!


I can understand some of the frustration here. Most of the time Asobo has overpromised but underdelivered.

From a sim point it is mainly pretty pictures (not realistic flight models, wrong engine behavior, unrealistic weather/turbulence, faulty instruments, buggy ATC, see this forum for the items I forgot).

The attempt at realism so far has come from 3rd parties, WT, FBW, DC6 etc.

For the 27th I keep my expectations low so in order to (hopefully) be pleasantly surprised for a change.


you will see it at 27th… all other answers are guesses…

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