MSFS 2020 Performance with VR - What is truely needed?

Have not played in 10 years.

I was looking to get back into it, but with VR.

I read how great it is, but also hear that you need a massive machine to get it to work right.

What is truely needed to run MSFS in VR?

How does it look with just an average system?

The other thing that is holding me back, is the cost of everything today.

This question might be better asked and answered on the forums for that title itself?

ugh, I suck.
I was asking the same question in the DCS forum as well as I was reading kind of the same complaints.
Sorry, I cross posted and forgot to make the edit as I was trying to run a meeting at the same time :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is about MSFS

No worries. Fs2020 has got better but that rig I outlined above…I had to upgrade it in order to not vomit in VR with FS2020. The 1080ti simply couldn’t drive a Valve Index to coherent image generation with this title.

The only GPU I could actually get was a 3090 but this is overkill. I have a friend who has perfectly acceptable VR performance in FS2020with a 2080 and HP Reverb G2 which is quite a high pixel count headset.

The 2080 and 2080ti do seem to better optimised for VR. Not sure what the reason for that is. If its purely VR you’re getting a new PC for then maybe try to get hold of one of those GPU’s to put in it. That being said we presume at some people Nvidia will release a driver for the 3000 series cards that will get better performance out of them. It seems crazy that a 2080ti outperforms a 3090 in the sim currently.

I would like to see the 3090 perform better so if Nvidia have something up their sleeves I’m all in but in truth it is pretty much overkill already in everything I throw at it.
It was a vast improvement in VR over the 1080ti which it replaced. FS2020 could still be improved but IL-2 and DCS absolutely max out on the 3090. Butter smooth even in frantic ww2 dogfights.
However, I reckon you can probably get away with a lot less and the 2080/Reverb G2 info I included above was an example of a good stable system I’ve seen working.

Not sure what makes you say that. I went from a 2080Ti to a 3080Ti, all other things remained the same (G2 head set), and the 3080Ti does significantly better. I’m not an FPS counter myself, but the improvement was such that I could up my settings from all “high” to all “ultra” in-game settings.

Read around here. The consensus on this forum has pretty much long been that the 3080 and 3090 are not as good for VR as the 2080 and 2080ti. Clearly though there are variables and perceptions and experiences can differ.

This is the first topic I have seen that mentions it.

The opposite seem to be the case from my reading of various forums and talking to others with VR in group flights over the last nine months ie. you are the only person I have read putting 20X0s ahead of 30X0s in VR.

Anecdotal evidence aside, it is hard to find FS VR benchmarks but I did find one here Microsoft Flight Simulator | RTX 3090 Benchmarked in VR & 2D that compared 2080 Ti to 3090 on a G1 with the same settings and the 3090 puts out 83% higher FPS at Ultra in VR. settings.

I have a 3080 myself and run a mix of Ultra/High settings at default render resolution in VR and pull 25+FPS in most situations which I am very happy with. If I was buying now, I would get the 3080 Ti without a doubt.

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I got a rtx3070 ,5800x, 32g

From the previous to the last nvidia update I went from 22-25 fps to 30-45.

If think right now the problem i’s more about driver and software than hardware.

Getting better than 3070 is just paying the laziness of Nvidia and microsoft/abo. When dlss and ris will be available as well as a non beta dx12. A rotten potato will work.

I’m currently having a blast already with a 3070 and still able to eat normally and go on vacation don’t sell a kidney for better gpu :slight_smile:

Lower expectations is a good place to start.

However once multi monitor support is finally sorted there is likely to be a huge uplift in performance for VR users too… Have patience it will come.

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Sir. My honest suggestion is, that if you have already been waiting for 10 years, that you should wait for about another year or two. First of all, the 4xxx generation of nvidia cards will massively outperform the 3xxx series (and i reccon we’re like 6 months from release). Second, that’s also hoping the supply and demand problems will hopefully get at least a bit better. And third, the upcoming vr headsets should also be a significant upgrade from the G2, which is a great headset but leaves a lot to be desired. And last but certanly not least, in about a year or two the sim should finally get the much needed optimisations. Currently, everything above could be described as a “beta stage” of everything. Including the vr hardware. And i am strongly convinced there will be a massive advancement in the following year of two regarding everything mentioned. That ofcourse is just my personal opinion and i am sure many would disagree. That said, i am running the sim perfectly fine with an rtx 2070 card.

Best regards mate.


I went from a 2080ti to a 3080ti and the jump was phenomenal… 2080ti stuttered but the 3080ti was just amazing and eliminated those problems.


Good luck getting your hands on one though. Getting a 3080 was an ordeal I’ve no desire to go through again anytime soon. At this rate with where we are now the 4000 series will be even harder to get and almost certainly way more expensive.

It certainly looks that way right now. But remember, nothing always stays the same. This too shall pass.

RTX 4090ti.

Or the ability to live with compromises.

I run Reverb G2 with 10900K (8th or 9th gen should work fine) + 6800XT overclocked to 2600Mhz under waterblock. It’s been absolutely stutter free and consistent 36-40fps running mostly ultra/high. AMD used to CTD with Reverb G2 every flight until Sim Update 5. When they merged the code under XBOX (which uses AMD), CTD went away, and it’s been rock stable. SU7 fixed much of the the shimmering issues, and I am finally flying in VR again with consistent result.

For VR, VRAM is the key to stutter free performance. Asobo has a long way to go to make this sim what they promised, but, if you are thinking of getting in, I’d suggest AMD GPU, that is, 5700XT minimum and 6000s if you can manage to find one. Once you experience VR, it’s really hard to fly in 2D.

I got lucky in the UK I ordered mine 10pm and it arrived 3pm the next day lol that was a gigabyte 3080TI OC but as a full time streamer I needed to buy it to go with my upgrade. For vr though its perfect.

It’s mostly about tuning, plenty are running a 2080ti without stutters, it’s a very capable gpu and I’d probabaly swap my 3060 for one if I could (don’t want to lose the warrantee though)