MSFS 2020 Trial Version?

I know MSFS 2020 has been out for 2 and a half months but I’m wondering if Microsoft or Asobo is ever going to provide simmers with a downloadable trial version with limited aircraft and scenery. I know that the competition does provide a limited trial version of their flight simulator with only one or two aircraft and allows you to fly them around only one city, KSEA/Seattle, WA. The trial period will expire in 30 days and it’ll give you the option to purchase the simulator. The reason I’d like to see such a version of MSFS 2020 is to evaluate how it performs on my hardware, which exceeds Microsoft’s recommended/ideal system specifications, and a broadband internet connection speed that ranges between 140 and 165 GBPS. I know there are hundreds of videos that you can watch on Youtube, but everyone’s system is different and the video they published will not necessarily give you the exact results, it could be better or worse.

nope why would they. That just leaves it open to loads of problems that i wont go into.

you can try it on gamepass if you have agame pass account of not its $1 for your first month that is more than enough time to test it and see if you like it.


I don’t have a gamepass account but I heard about that option and I think it allows subscribers to run the simulator on a remote server, which might not really give you the full picture of running it on your own system.

it runs on the same server as any other server that is using the sim there is no difference you get the full standard edition

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The game files are exactly the same as the standard edition. The only change is the digital ownership file. A game pass digital ownership file is only valid as long as you have an active game pass membership. If the game is purchased from the MSStore, you get a digital ownership file that is NOT dependent on your GamePass subscription.

So you get to experience the same joyous 90+ GB download that the rest of us enjoyed :slight_smile:


Hmmm… I’ll have to give that a try, thanks. :+1:t2:

your very welcome and hope it works out for you.

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Microsoft does!
Using the Xbox Game pass route, for just one tiny pound [£1], I was able to trail the full [base version] game, in all it’s glory, for two weeks.
Upon which I had no hesitation in buying the ‘full fat’ premium deluxe version.

Go for it!


ow, remember though; if you end up deciding to purchase the game, to buy the full release from either MS Store or Steam (would suggest Steam due to recent issues with MS Store). Do not use the Upgrade option from within the Sim, since that upgrade will require an active Gamepass subscription.

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welcome to the fun :innocent:

I’m subscribing to Xbox with the Xbox Pass, which will expire before Christmas, I’m impressed with the sim’s more realistic scenery and how it’s rendered, the performance on a scale from1 to 10, I’d give it an 8, with the settings at “ultra”, apparently it figured that based on the specs of my system, i9 9900K, 64 GB DDR4 3300 RAM and the GeForce GTX 1080 ti with 11 GB VRAM, while it did the installation. Given that the scenery data needs to be streamed prior to being rendered, I do get occasional stutters but that could be expected with a data transfer rate average of 168 MBPS.

The aircraft is a completely different story though, there are issues, at least with 3 I’ve flown, so I’ll have to wait and see if they fix those issues.

I do have an active subscription with Xbox so I’ll have to make that decision later this month, hopefully they’ll fix the issues I found by then. So if I decide to purchase either the Deluxe or Premium Deluxe edition, I don’t need to continue the Xbox subscription, correct?

Only if you purchase from the Microsoft store or Steam. If you buy the expansion from the in-game marketplace, the gamepass subscription will still be required (this should be pretty clear from the description of the product you’re buying from the marketplace).

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