MSFS 2020 Will Not Update

Well, the first update already doesn’t work. After I start the program, which was working fine, I get a message stating that I can’t use the program until I install a mandatory update. The app automatically closes when I select “OK” and redirects me to the windows store and tries to install the update. I immediately get an error message stating that the update can’t install when the app is open. Well, the app isn’t open because it automatically closes.

So, now I can’t use or update the program at all.

Please double check Task Manager Ctrl+Alt+Delete to make sure the sim isn’t running. If it isn’t try rebooting your PC, then open the windows store and start the update.

I’ve had to uninstall & then reinstall, works fine now bugs still remain but that is WIP. I know it’s a big download but that’s the only way I could get it to work.

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