MSFS addons for multiple accounts

I bought MSFS on a different account that I use. I cannot switch to the original account since all of my stuff is saved on here. I can access it on my other account but I cannot buy things from the marketplace, therefore I have to log into the account I purchased it with and then switch back. The only thing I’m curious about is, will I still have access to aircraft/addons that I bought on the account I have MSFS bought to the one I’m using right now? Or would I have no luck

Unfortunately, you can only use one account.

If there are multiple accounts, there would be no way to verify that you own them or given them to someone else.

Licenses are account based and all these need to be bought under the same account MSFS was bought under.

You may ask for a refund using Zendesk and explain the situation. They may or may not refund, but worth the try!

alright thank you! (i dont know if this will work since i have had the sim since the release but thank you anyways!)