MSFS addons

Nice to have it

Someone has already begun the process of modifying the a320 and adding functional buttons and panels. That is great!


thank you !

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Page is down :frowning:

They can modify the A320’s 3D cockpit for switches and stuff???

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Yes indeed and its still work in progress but you can install it now to get the apu and door ecam pages to display as shown in this video

It would be best to wait for at least the first bug fix from Asobo , then start from there and add everything else.
But anyway, it’s other’s hard work.

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Zibo-level A320? I’d take it!

I’m spoiled by XPlane because I have so many awesome GA planes that I love flying. That’s one main reason I can’t switch entirely to MSFS because I have so much invested. If they made a free or discounted port for even 50% of them, that would make my entire year. I really just want a couple Pipers and maybe a Beech Sport. The only reason I might even upgrade from the Standard edition is for the steam gauge 172.