MSFS Alpha Transparency - Blender

Hi everyone, I’m having an issue that’s starting to cause me to tear my hair out. Basically, I have a problem with textures exported from Blender with Alpha Blend selected showing through clouds/fog. This only occurs with custom objects I’ve created which have an alpha channel such as chain link fencing, ladders etc. (Image attached shows an example of my issue).

These objects and textures show up fine in blender rendered, with the transparency being correct when using alpha blend. However my issue arises in the sim, while looking fine up close, when there is fog/cloud between me and the building, it sticks through the cloud layer like a sore thumb, while this may not of course be a game breaking issue, it’s annoying me as this artefacting isn’t seen on the default FS2020 SDK fence objects for example, so it’s making me seriously consider what I’m doing wrong. All the objects that are showing this black aura have a correct alpha channel as shown in the attached screenshots, and are applied in blender as a standard MSFS material or glass, but both yield the same issue, no matter what kind of material is used, or alpha settings adjusted for that matter!

I hope someone can help me on this matter, maybe it’s an easy fix and I’ve not gone brain dead after all!

I can sadly not help you with the solution, only confirm that I experience the same issue with my model :frowning:

I also did a quick check of some add-ons and default scenery, and found the same behavior in FlyTampa’s Copenhagen airport and Aerosoft’s Paderborn/Lippstadt airport and in the default handcrafted airports that i checked. So it is most likely an engine issue and not blender misbehaving.

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Thanks a lot, it’s nice to get a definitive answer finally. Glad to know it’s not just an issue on my end as it’s been driving me nuts!

I have problems with the transparency, some parts of the model that are opaque suddenly become transparent in blender and/or on the FS. Do you use textures on your transparent windows ?. If you don’t use then, you apply a material only, but these windows I guess won’t be included on the uv map?..I am quite lost in this matter.
Are you using Blender transparency or MSFS glass?
Thank you

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