MSFS and OpenXR rendering scale: impacts and dependencies


First of all an explicit thank to @CptLucky8: Thank you, excellent information!

I have read a lot of threads to the subject of VR and rendering scale… but I do not understand the impacts and dependencies between these two settings for rendering scale in MSFS and OpenXR.
Highly different recommendations existing about it around here, a clear line is not recognizable… :wink: !

Can someone explain me how these two parameters influence each other, what are the technical reasons for this setting and… Thanks!

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It can be simplified this way:

  • The OpenXR render scale controls the display size exposed to software using this stack. In this case MSFS2020.

  • The MSFS render scale is a percentage of the device display size to use for rendering the game graphics.

Thus, when both are at 100 (%), OpenXR exposes your full headset resolution to the game that, in turn, renders the graphics at full resolution.

If OpenXR is set at 50% and MSFS2020 at 200%, OpenXR would expose half your heaset resolution to the game that, in turn, would render its graphics using a doubled-size resolution and then scaled them down to fit.

You get the idea for the almost infinite possible settings.

Now, is there a better setting? Yes and no. It’s extremely dependent on your hardware performance. If you don’t have a latest generation monster card, you have to lower down the resolution to gain frames per second.

I am waiting for a newer graphics card (like many!) and until then, my Radeon 5500XT is pumping graphics with OpenXR at 60% and MSFS2020 at 80%. It give me sufficiently smooth VR performance with almost all settings at High.

I’m trying to explain this in the chapter “Balancing Visuals and Performance” here:
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

And in the “Additional Comments” there is a link (among others):
WMR Scaling and Dev Tools - Some Explanations

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