MSFS/ASOBO Static Aircraft

I just completed my first two airstrips but could not find any Static Aircraft in either MSFS, Asobo, or FS Libraries. Is that correct?
I did not want to have to use a 3rd party library to get static aircraft.

In the scenery editor, scroll down the objects list until you see Simbojects
All the airplanes are there :relaxed:

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Thank you, I will check.

A question…can someone tell me if with the release of the new versions the planes that come out,are added in the sdk?

I did check by scrolling down the Objects list and I do not have an item called Simobjects.

By the way, I just realized who you are - thank you for your great YouTube videos, I am a subscriber.

Here you , scenery editor/view objects


And the list of objects type you can add, there are Simbojects :slightly_smiling_face:

objectlist (1)

Thanks for following the Channel :blush:


Thanks again - that was a big help. Now I have static aircraft

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