MSFS+Bluetooth Speakers kills WiFi Connection MSI GF65 Thin

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Running MSFS without Bluetooth Speakers, it will download just fine and the Internet is reasonably stable (it tooks me months to get WiFi working for MSFS Downloads at all).
Now, if I have my Bluetooth Speakers running to get more than just the garbage Notebook Audio, my Internet goes to 8kbit/s for the entire computer and the game goes offline.
I already run it in 802.11.a at 5GHZ and on the WiFi Adapter, which gives me reasonably low interference with Bluetooth Devices.
MSFS as the only game on my Notebook, somehow still apparently manages to make everything crash.
Now I have the Choice of playing with Online Features OR Good Sound.

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This is usually a stable 50Mbit/s Connection

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Run Bluetooth Speakers and try to play with Online Features enabled, maybe have a Browser Window open and run a Video. Very soon your Internet will fully freeze.

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MSI GF65 Thin 10UE

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On and Off for the duration of this games existence. It was always a fight to get the online Features to run at all.

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If I’m understanding you correctly, you are using your Wi-Fi for MSFS streaming, Video streaming & Browser and MSFS sound via Bluetooth simultaneously. Is that right?

Well, yes, Watching a Video on 2nd Screen while flying a Neofly Mission and because Lapttop Speakers are Garbage, I use 2 Bluetooth Speakers (Soundcore Motion Boom) in TWS Mode. And sometimes IVAO for Radio Comm Training.
MSFS is a Simulator that usually requires several other Background Applications. It’s not an FPS Shooter.
I also play MSFS while having a Mouse, Monitor, Keyboard, Flight Stick and Throttle Quadrant connected at the same time.

Based on your other post here, it sounds like you fixed this Wi-Fi problem by upgrading to Win11 & new Bluetooth drivers?

I made a lot of changes. I don’t know which actually fixed it.