MSFS Bush Pilots Presents: UTAH! Flight #4: The High Uintas

MSFS Bush Pilots presents: UTAH!

Please join us as we take a series of realistic bush trips into the spectacular Utah backcountry, a favorite of such YouTube pilots as Trent Palmer, Matt Logan, Ryan (Missionary Bush Pilot,) Todd (Gravity Knight Flying,) and Utah natives Mike and Mark Patey. In these 15 flights we will cover the entire state from top to bottom, flying into five national parks, deep canyons and forested mountains, over lakes, rivers and deserts, with at least one off-field landing in every flight. Add some local color, including entertaining historical and cultural trivia, and you’ve got a true-to-life bush flying experience. So load your camping gear into your favorite bush plane and join the fun. Let’s get dirty!

Utah! Flight #4: The High Uintas

This flight takes us into the High Uintas Wilderness Area as we fly over Utah’s highest peaks and mountain lakes. We’ll even try an off-field landing or two. We will end with a visit to the beautiful Flaming Gorge Reservoir and a canyon run through the deep Green River canyon. You won’t want to miss this high-altitude bush flying adventure.

Park City, Deer Valley, Mirror Lake, King’s Peak, Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

Multiplayer Settings: All Players
Date: Wednesday, March 8th
Start Time: 19:00 UTC
Flight Length: 152 nm; approx. 2 hours
Altitude: 14,000 ft max
Aircraft Type: Your favorite bush plane
Cruising Speed: around 115 KTAS
Time & Weather Setting: 16:00 MST; High Level Clouds weather preset

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