[MSFS Bush Pilots] Spain Tour Remastered - Leg 9 - Cuenca to Madrid

UPDATED: Added Cuenca photogrammetry

General Information
This tour involves a lot of low & slow flying, short, off-field landings, and sightseeing, with a pinch of trivia where applicable. Choose your aircraft accordingly.

Hop into the MSFS Bush Pilots Discord server in advance, see the #:loudspeaker:│spain-tour-remastered channel for more details, give yourself time to download any recommended addons, grab the flight plan and join the voice channel.

This leg visits the ancient town of Cuenca and it’s famous hanging houses, and includes a sightseeing tour of Spain’s capital, Madrid.

Time & Date: 1900 ZULU
Flight Length: 170 nm / 2-2.5 hrs
Aircraft Type: Any bush plane
Cruising Speed: 110-120 kts
Time & Weather: Live Weather if usable, or Scattered Clouds recommended
Multiplayer Settings: All Players
Comms: “Event Flight” voice channel @ MSFS Bush Pilots
For more details, see the #:loudspeaker:│spain-tour-remastered channel

Recommended Addons
See the #addons channel on MSFS Bush Pilots Discord server for recommended planes, mods, liveries and UI tweaks. Even if you don’t use all of them, it’s practical to have these to see others properly.

Teruel bush strips (necessary)
Please grab this addon, because the departure requires these custom airstrips. If you don’t have them, it might cause issues with loading the flight plan.

Cuenca photgrammetry

final version coming soon

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