MSFS_C152 Community (V1.0.0!) - Updated: 09/10/2021

Here’s the download link for anyone who wants it.

Just backup the original file located in the
folder. I’m sure there is a way to add it to the mod but that’s above my pay grade.

Spent way too much time tonight working on a livery and cockpit. About as poor of a decision as it would be to spend this much money on a 152 in the real world. Just a shame we don’t have properly labeled official paint templates, it’s a nightmare not knowing what you’re painting exactly half the time.

Just need some modern avionics. :thinking:


That looks cool!
For those who don’t know how to edit it, I’ll create one for the mod pack by default, I have a couple of visual bits to modify on the next release!

Here is mine (Blue) and my Co-Developers liveries (WIP-still a few bits to finish), not released, completely with metallic paint job!

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Looks good, I wanted to do some bare metal but I have no idea how. Also spent the last hour trying to figure out how to paint the landing gear struts with no luck.

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I’ve been painting mine through Blender, much easier!
Getting the metallic-ness right was a pain though but now it shimmers nicely when it’s sunny!

Low voltage light now comes on below ~ 1000 RPM as in real life.

When I have deleted liveries from community folder everything works!
Thank you

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Awesome! There must have been a conflict!

If there is enough interest, we will include a bunch of liveries with the base download which we will offer full support for!

Unfortunately due to time constraints I can’t offer support for 3rd Party livery packs all the time


I’ve just noticed too, you really really shouldn’t overwrite files from the base game in the actual Flight Simulator files

It can cause strange things when coming to update again and also break other things due to how the game reads and loads files!

Have you made your whole livery inside the Main Game directory?

Adding this to the mod is really nice and simple, inside MSFS_C152/SimObjects/C152X/ where all the aircraft.cfg files are located, create a /textures folder then copy your .DDS and copy the .JSON from the base game files with the same name, return to where there are 2 folders called /SimObjects & /ModelBehaviourDefs and run the Build.Py script and it’s done!

I’ll be including a similar fix soon as part of the actual base mod!
If you decide I can use your file as a base, I will give you full credit it for it in the Changelogs!

What are peoples opinions on the new VOR Dial text that includes the selected Angle?
I personally find it much nice to use!

I havent tried it yet, but it’s definitely useful. I was actually thinking about requesting it. Thanks!

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I think that’s a brilliant idea, that is more of a “quality of life” enhancement as sometimes the gauges are hard to read at an angle and at 1080p.

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I thought so too, especially when trying to fly at an exact angle!
I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:


many thanks for the mod. Do you plan to incorporate the new Cessna 152 flight model by Asobo implemented in the latest patch? IMO, it’s much better than what we had before (either vanilla or modded).

The flight model hasn’t been changed by the mod, so should, in theory, be using Asobo’s latest version!
I will run a few checks though to double check!

I believe the mod, with some of its previous update (tweaks by Frett perhaps?), has included the flight_model.cfg file.

I’ve just compared them then, yes there is some differences! I will get an update out ASAP!


I found some issue with 0.90 and Logitech Saitek Switch panel: when switched any switch, it makes some kind of 0.5 sec “power off-power on” sequence on Cessna. Radios turn off, NAV meter needles makes some moves… Also Logitech Saitek Radiopanel 7-segment displaus turns off and back on.

Oh no!
I thought I had eradicated that!
How about switching the Saitek Avionics Switch to “ON”? Does that work as expected?
Is it a quick On-Off-On or is there a substantial delay?

The Saitek Radio Displays should power off when the radio stacks in-game do so that will be that issue

What I have tested, everything works as expected with switchpanel. But that is just annoying cosmetic issue, every time you switch something (even put gear down or up although it is not needed anywhere) aviation meters turn off / turn on.

There is no measurable delay.

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I’ve just edited my above response, please can you try again but leave the Avionics Switch on your panel in the ON position?

Confirmed Bug!

As a work-around, for now, please leave the Saitek Switch Panel - Avionics Master Switch in the ON position!

on the 0.9, it seems a little harder to keep straight and level flight than in 0.8.3 (both with the new MSFS update)

Also, on 0.9 it’s really hard to maintain centre line when taking off, even in calm winds. It’s extremely twitchy when using the rudder on take off roll.