MSFS_C152 Community (V1.0.0!) - Updated: 09/10/2021

I have decided to create a new forum post to save any confusion!

Please download the mod from either:


JPLogistics MSFS_C152

V1.0.0 - BETA TEST 8

Firstly, please let me take a moment to apologise for the severe delay in getting this released!
I have been battling with some personal issues recently, a huge thank-you goes to WeptBurrito for the work here whilst I have been unable too!
I appreciate every single one of you who uses this mod, our communitity keeps growing bigger and bigger!
So, onto the changes!

  • Flight model changes
  • Grammatical fixes
  • Fuel Gauge Updated
  • Engine Param Changes (Magneto)
  • Autopilot Tweaks
  • Thumbnails corrected
  • New Liveries!!
  • ADF/AP Texture Changes
  • Power Consumption edits
  • New Cold & Dark Engine Logic
  • Livery correction on BlueM

[Missing Changelogs - Please see Github]

V1.0.0 - BETA TEST 3

- OAT Gauge Textures

- OAT Gauge Model

- Aircraft will now be visible in Training/Discovery Flights

- Texture updates (ADF Texture is a little weird... I am working on that!)

- Prop location/texture changes

- Lighting Nodes corrected

- 3D Model corrections

- Pilot/CoPilot models work again!

- Tyre height adjusted

- Reduced Trim Speed

- Flickering Texture fixes

- Corrected Engine Start values

    - Should help failed starting/fires occuring

- Equipment Key lighting now Screen based

- Some baggage enabled (Remember to set a payload weight!)

V1.0.0 - BETA TEST 2

- Fixed the following

  - OAT Gauge (Some 3rd Party liveries may conflict with this but they shouldnt have this file included)

  - FPS Drop (Hopefully - Please test this)

  - Effects

  - Removed some baggage

- Refactored Textures

- Increased Decal Quality
  • Included files to repair community mods

V1.0.0 - BETA TEST

This is a beta test! Some things still need tweaking!


Please check the changelog!


  • New Animations

    • Opening Doors!

    • Opening Windows!

    • Sun Visors!

    • New Switches/Rotary Dials

      • NAVCOM Dimming

      • Instrument Lighting

      • Overhead Lighting

      • Glareshield/Dome Lighting

    • Reworked Cockpit Animations

    • Circuit Breakers!

  • New Cargo Options

  • New Graphics

  • OAT Gauge corrected

  • New Sound Effects

    • Enviroment sounds linked too windows/doors
  • Reworked Electrical Systems

    • Build from the ground up!

    • Circuit Breakers now function (Random snap pending)

  • Reworked Lighting

  • New Transponder, we are now rocking a AS330!

  • New ADF KR87!

  • New HSI!

  • KAP140 Autopilot Module (Disable using Circuit Breaker RADIO4)

  • Wheel Fairing version!

  • Proper DME Device - Custom Designed JPLogistics Model

  • Flight Model adjusted

  • Fuel load corrected

  • New Start System

    • Primer now required
  • New Visual Effects

    • Engine Fire

    • Smoke

    • Exhaust plume

    Known Issues

    • ADF Textures are the wrong colour

    • Cargo Baggage missing behaviour

    • Flight Model review

V0.9.9 - It’s about time!

  • Panel Lighting completely reworked!
    • A MASSIVE thanks to @WeptBurrito2749 from the Forums for work on this!
    • A video will be released tomorrow about this!
    • Use the Speaker Phone switch to turn them on!
    • This is a work in progress still, some aspects need tweaking!
  • Disabled Autopilot completely
    • This is due to it causing so many bug reports!
  • Readded Blue Metal Livery!
    • As requested by our users!
  • Flight Model updates, special shout out to @RetiredMan93231 for the help here!
  • Checked compatibility with latest MSFS
  • Updated Cockpit Files to match latest Asobo with Modifications
  • Cockpit textures updated
  • Fuel Gauges calibrated and textures updated!

V0.9.71 - Hotfix!


Only a small update this time, just to provide the fixes needed for V1.14.5!

  • Fixed NAVCOM Radio Stacks
  • Fixed some coding changes to internal systems
  • Corrected HourMeter & ADF Systems

V0.9.7 - Restructure!

Again, sorry to be annoying! I have actually restructure the mod please delete the MSFS_C152 folder & copy the jplogistics-c152 folder instead!
I’ve released this update a little prematurely, I had actually wanted to fix a few more issues first, but this is a Hotfix that needed to be public ASAP!

  • Revert the “Flap/Lift Hotfix” after MSFS Update
  • Fuel Gauge now reads correctly!
  • Pilot/Copilot models are now based on weight & can be controlled by an interior button!
    • Here is a short video showing the buttons and how it works! YouTube
  • Renamed the folder, to help users who had old files knocking about causing issues!

V0.9.6 - Oh dear, Asobo!


IMPORTANT: Due to a file structure change, please DELETE the original “MSFS_C152” folder and then copy the new version in, do NOT overwrite the old version!


  • Updated to be compatible with the new “World Update 3” MSFS release!
  • Temp. fix applied to the flap settings that Asobo kindly introduced (Thanks RetiredMan for this!)
  • Radio Stock/Avionics issue partial fix applied (Subject to change due to rewriting much of the animation codes)
  • Flight Model Changes
  • Copilot is now livery based
  • Choose a livery with “w/CP” on the end
  • To convert a existing Livery, open the relevant “aircraft.cfg” and add “copilot” into the "model = " section!
  • Liveries removed, a separate pack will be available in the future!

I hope you enjoy!

V0.9.5 - DME Reader!!



  • DME Reader - Yes, you read that correctly!
    • To enable this feature you need to click the “DME” button in on the Audio Panel!
    • It will switch between the NAV Freq. & DME Distance (in NM) every 5 seconds
    • This is a temporary measure until we can install a proper DME system!
  • Flight Model Changes
  • Copilot is now livery based
    • Choose a livery with “w/CP” on the end
    • To convert a existing Livery, open the relevent “aircraft.cfg” and add “copilot” into the "model = " section!

I hope you enjoy!

V0.9.4 - It can only get better!


Firstly I would like to thank each and every one of you for patiently waiting for this release!

Over the last couple of weeks the weather here in the UK has been, interesting, which has caused a lot of extra time required focusing on my full-time job, throw Christmas/New Year into the mix and well, all I can do is apologise!

But here we have it!


  • Flight Model changes

    • This should now more closely reflect the real world aircraft!

    • More work is still being done to completely fine-tune the flight model!

    • If you have any feedback please join our Discord Channel!

  • Corrected Gauge Calibration after recent updates

  • Utilising the new RPM Gauge, this was released in V0.9.3b but I forgot to mention it!

  • Aircraft Geometry updated!

  • Hopefully, a fix for Saitek Panel users, causing a weird sound bug when starting the engine!

V0.9.3b-HOTFIX - Mayday Mayday Mayday!


An important notice please read!

Due to the recent release of MSFS and the amount of changes Asobo made to the default C152 (Which this mod builds upon) that caused serious issues within our addon, we have taken the decision to temporarily remove the Flight Model changes from this build.

This was a difficult decision, however, in the interest of making a “quick hotfix” to get the rest of the addon working as it should, it was necessary!

It isn’t all bad news! - This does mean that we get a chance to completely rethink our approach, after learning so much from the past versions, meaning we will be able to deliver a more realistic, higher quality & stable flight model in our next release!

I hope you understand and I really appreciate your patience! I want to provide you with the spectacular addon and wan’t happy to release a flight model that had a number of big issues!

Myself and the Beta Testing team are working hard to get the next update ready! I will hopefully have an update for you around New Years Day!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I will update you soon!


-Flight Model changes

  • Aircraft tyre contact corrected! Inflated tyres!
  • AI Livery removed (Useable livery is still in the mod!)

V0.9.3 - Onwards & Upwards!



  • Spanish translations corrected! Thanks ‘danderio’
  • Wording changes in Weight & Balance Screens
  • Fixed an issue where autopilot took control of aircraft
  • Adjusted Engine Parameters
    • Smoother taxi speeds/control
    • Realistic power levels
    • Adjusted Propeller parameters
  • Corrected flap lift & drag parameters
    • Corrected aggressive aerodynamic changes on takeoff
  • Reverted Fuel Tanks to “Standard” editions
    • This was a collaborative decision to save on weight & to reflect what most real world C152’s have!
  • Corrected the position of “Baggage Areas”
  • Corrected Centre of Gravity
  • Adjusted Trim Wheel speed!
    • Also fixed broken Animation!
  • Adjusted Default Pilot Camera Position

V0.9.2 - Mistakes were made!


It’s been decided by our amazing supporters that the previous flight model was actually better than the one we tried out!

So, here we go!


  • Revert Flight Model to previous version
  • Confirmed compatibility with latest MSFS update

Nothing else has been changed in this version, however we do have some things up our sleeve!
Standby for more news!


  • New Flight Model
    • Let us know your opinions about this one!
  • Edited some internal files to improve “Quality of Life”
  • Removed “Checklists”
    • This is so you can use 3rd Party Checklist addons until our custom ones are complete!

Apologies for the delay - I was moving house!

Known Issue

  • Translations may be incorrect for some Tooltips, this is mainly because I only speak English!
    • If you are able to assist in the translations, please feel free to help us!


  • Volumetric Lighting!

    • Credit to “Uwajimaya” for this - It is absolutely incredible!

    • Check out the lighting when it’s raining/foggy!

  • Avionics Switch fix

    • Logbook should now work normally again. If possible make sure flight starts from a parked area!

    • The Master Battery switch now properly controls the Avionics!

      • Prevents the “Ghost Avionics Switch” taking control, as they do not exist IRL but do within MSFS Systems!
  • VOR Heading Select Knob now reads "Select VOR Radial ([selected degrees]°)!

  • VOR Needle Animation smoothed!

As a work-around, for now due to a bug, please leave the Saitek Switch Panel - Avionics Master Switch in the ON position!


  • Balanced the default W&B values to prevent strong left turn in level flight due to weight
  • Increased speed of dome light knob


  • Fixed an issue when using Saitek Switch Panel
    • Unable to start using panel key


  • Corrected NAV1/NAV2 behaviour
    • Nav Ball 1/2 will disconnect when corresponding radio stack is turned off
    • Nav Identify Audio will no longer be played if corresponding radio stack is turned off


  • Corrected COM1/COM2 behaviour
    • Radio now shuts down correctly (Not just turn off the screen) when the volume knob is switched to OFF
    • Works with vPilot correctly (Turning COM1 off will now terminate any Tx/Rx over vPilot)
  • Added 2 x Cargo areas
    • Forward (Max 120lb)
    • Rear (Max 40lb)
    • Note: Combined payload weight should not exceed 120lb!
  • Corrected alternator charge - Battery now recharges correctly!
    • Also corrected Max Output to fit real world!
  • Radio Stack “initial” values changed for Buttons & Freq.
  • Initial work for upcoming changes (TBA)

Credits to @TheFrett & @DRF30q for some of the changes made!

Older Updates

Below are the performance changes made by TheFrett

Glide performance: you can now correctly do ~16 nm from 10000 feet with a windmilling prop (was 12 nm)

Climb performance is an exact fit to the chart. From ~700 fpm @ SL down to 200 fpm @ 12.000 feet. It may feel a little underwhelming though. This is due to a wrong mixture model. At SL 100% mixture doesnt get you max power.

Cruise performance within 1% fit at all given POH altitudes. Also tested across several power/rpm settings.

Engine slightly more efficient at lower rpm (a bit less power needed during approach). I only got this from video reference though.

Corrected idle RPM

Below are the changes by DRF30q


Some of the current improvements (not exhaustive):

Modified stall speeds flap up/flap down in accordance with published information. Aircraft will now stall at a significantly higher speed.

Numerous changes to engine performance, now in accordance with Lycoming O-235L2C (115HP, 2700RPM).

Fuel consumption adjusted.

Long Range Fuel Tanks 37.5USG total useable.

Fuel Gauges correctly calibrated.

Fuel Gauge indications will vary realistically in out of balance flight (depending on quantity of fuel in tank) and also on the ground when the aircraft is not wings level.

Flight tested to verify climb, cruise, service ceiling, fuel consumption etc in accordance with published information.

Oil Temperature Gauge - gauge calibration and oil temperature modelling adjusted.

Oil Pressure Gauge - gauge calibration and oil pressure modelling adjusted.

Electrical system - completely remodelled, using documented electrical loads etc.

Now models realistic battery discharge/charge and subsequent electrical system behaviour.

If battery goes flat, various systems will fail at various voltage levels as the battery discharges.

Ammeter - gauge calibration and behaviour.

Low voltage light now comes on below ~ 1000 RPM as in real life.

OAT thermometer now operates regardless of the position of the master switch.

The overhead (Dome) light can now be dimmed by the dimmer knob below the pilot control yoke.

The NAV CDI gauges completely revised:

CDI gauges now respond correctly to: User selected On/Off state of corresponding NAV/COM Radio.

CDI gauges now respond correctly to: Power state of corresponding NAV/COM Radio.

CDI gauges now power off when Avionics Power (Battery Master Switch) switched off.

CDI gauges now power off when the applicable NAV/COM Radio is turned off using the Volume/Off knob.

CDI gauges now power off if the battery discharges and the voltage level supplied to the applicable NAV/COM radio drops below the minimum required for operation.

CDI gauges, Glideslope/Localiser Needle behaviour adjusted.

CDI gauges, Glideslope/Localiser Flag behaviour adjusted.

CDI gauges, NAV Flag behaviour adjusted.

ADF Radio completely revised Knob behaviour. ADF Modes: BFO/REC/ADF and spring return TEST position.

ADF Rotatable Card gauge behaviour completely revised:

ADF Needle is driven to point to the selected NDB station only in ADF Mode. (Note that currently the ADF Mode Knob defaults to BFO Mode and must be manually rotated to ADF Mode.)

ADF Needle remains in current position in ADF Mode when no signal received from an NDB on the currently selected frequency.

ADF Needle remains in current position in BFO and REC Modes.

ADF Needle is slewed in a clockwise direction while ADF Mode Knob held in TEST position. When released, the ADF Mode Knob spring returns to ADF Mode.

ADF Needle remains in current position when ADF Radio is turned off using the Volume/Off knob.

ADF Needle remains in current position if battery discharges and voltage level to the radio drops below the minimum required for operation.

ADF Volume and ADF Mode Knob position state now loaded from .flt files. ADF Mode knob defaults to ‘ADF’ position.

NAVCOM (KX155) reworked. Various states including volume/Off state etc now loaded from .flt files.

NAV Ident / COM Test remain out when pulled.

Audio Selector (KA134) completely revised. Various states now loaded from .flt files.

Buttons now remain depressed when selected.

MIC1/MIC2 selects either COM1 or COM2 as active transmitter.

BOTH allows selection of reception on both COM1 and COM2.

NAV1, NAV2, ADF (AOE ■■■?) etc select ident audio.

MKR selects Marker ident audio. Note: My testing so far indicates audio received (and light flashes) from Middle Marker, however Outer Marker light flashes but no audio heard. Not sure if this is a sim issue.

DME, SPKR buttons now operate but are currently non functional.


Finally went ahead and switched your mod into my game instead of the 152x mod, only problem I’m having is I can’t get the liveries I was using to work with your mod.

Any tips?


Good morning!
The issue with this mod is that the file structure is incorrect! I have fixed it on my personal machine but as it’s not my mod I can not upload officially!

However, I will upload it to my Google Drive later tonight and upload the link here.

I’m currently in work so it’ll be in the next 9/10 hours.

The structure for Livery Mods changed and now many of them won’t work until the original dev’s update them!


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Ok thanks, I did something to get it working I thought with the C152x but not exactly sure what or if I did anything besides changing the cfg with proper range etc.

And no rush, I won’t be flying till the weekend most likely.

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Something happened - doesn’t work now.

Beside, excellent MOD - congrats :slight_smile:

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I’ve just tried in the latest release and mine is working okay?
Have you restarted MSFS since updating?


yup, still working on my end also,

try to remove the mod in the community folder, and re-install again.

  • Engine Parameters still ok
  • Glareshield brightness knob still ok
  • Electrical Load behavior still ok
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Removed, installed again, restarted sim still doesn’t work. Let me check with other mods and liveries removed. Will come back

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Update time!’

Please download the mod from either:



  • Volumetric Lighting!

    • Credit to “Uwajimaya” for this - It is absolutely incredible!

    • Check out the lighting when it’s raining/foggy!

  • Avionics Switch fix

    • Logbook should now work normally again. If possible make sure flight starts from a parked area!

    • The Master Battery switch now properly controls the Avionics!

      • Prevents the “Ghost Avionics Switch” taking control, as they do not exist IRL but do within MSFS Systems!
  • VOR Heading Select Knob now reads "Select VOR Radial ([selected degrees]°)!

  • VOR Needle Animation smoothed!

Known Issue

  • Translations may be incorrect for some Tooltips, this is mainly because I only speak English!

    • If you are able to assist in the translations, please feel free to help us!

As a work-around, due to a bug, please leave the Saitek Switch Panel - Avionics Master Switch in the ON position!


Awesome, downloading now.


Is there a guide anywhere on how to get liveries to work with mods? Had no problems before but now for the life of me can’t get liveries to work.

Just installed these, (possibly too garish to use though)

And while they show up in-game, in the hangar when you select them they just show the default livery.

Dome light works fine for me, are you sure the mod was working? That’s usually the first thing I check to make sure it’s installed correctly. Regarding the dome light, I kinda preferred the old dimmer switch, now I can’t really fine-tune it as much as before.

The new lighting from Uwa is excellent. So happy to see it part of this mod.

Ok thanks. I downloaded today’s v0.90 from the wrong Github link without looking at it. I have it correctly installed now and dimmer is working.

Regarding the liveries not working, I’m seeing some people saying the patch completely broke liveries, not positive though.

Update, I managed to get liveries working with the Dev mode trick.


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So I did a thing, this was something that always bothered me, so I figured out how to fix it. I think it came out pretty well and the font matches perfectly.

I can’t figure out exactly how to add it to my existed custom livery but I just backed up the original dds file and copied over it.


There is a major Asobo issue when it comes to selecting Liveries in all aircraft, unfortunately that means we can’t really fix it - I have 2 liveries and mine still work however!
The livery mods also need to be restructured, something in update 4 changed in regards to them and I’ve had to reshuffle file locations, if your mod hasn’t been updated then this could cause issues too!


Would you mind if I steal this idea?
I hadn’t noticed that!

Can this mod work with the C152 Aerobat too? Any forks or branches for that that we know of?

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I only need one livery to fly with, and I’ve been customizing one tonight that I downloaded earlier. Working great so far.

I can just put the file up for you or anyone else to download it. I spent way too much time finding a font that matched and making sure it matched the exact size of the originals in photoshop lol. If you want to do it on your own though feel free.


I don’t have the C152 Aerobatic, so I can’t confirm nor guarantee that it will work sorry!
I’m not sure I’ve seen any branches for that!