C152X Realism Mod

Yep, post that in the vote thread for Asobo to see! its a great point… If I knew that the SR22 or Longtitude had been modded to a realistic level, I would probably buy that package!

Or allow unscrupulous users to pass those planes around to users that didn’t pay for them? If only they had another way to lock those planes to an account that is allowed to use them without having to encrypt those files. At least that is what I believe is the reason for this.

My understanding is that the files do get modified on install, to lock to the PC.
Just the “impression” I get from reading elsewhere, and a common sense solution.

Whatever the reasons, or the solution, opening up enough to allow Mods while stopping transfer of the asset, is obvious a win-win situation for all.

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Done, thank you!

My understanding is the Deluxe and Premium planes were not actually developed by Asobo, but by third party vendors, which adds another layer of complication to the DRM. IOW, the cfg files may contain proprietary flight data…

IOW, the likelihood of them being unlocked is pretty nil… but that’s just water cooler talk, I have no idea what the truth is.

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Just because a lot of people haven’t seen the new forum post yet

V0.9.0 has been released on the JPLogistics C152 Mod!

See notes HERE!!


Do you have a source for that info? I don’t see why a third party would be needed to develop a C172 with steam gauges or the C152 Aerobat.

C172 steam is the easy one … The Asobo one is Locked down and cannot be Modded / fixed/ chaged or enhanced.

I am hope A2A will do a fully function, C172 with steam Gauges, but fully IFR equipped.

Ahh, you don’t like the old crappy ADF and transponder installed? That’s what my real ones always had! :rofl:

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If MS/Asobo used a third party independent contractor to create some of the aircraft, rest assured, it’s not a lease of that code, but full ownership by MS. In fact, it likely is just the opposite…the third party or parties that created the aircraft for MS/Asobo, would need MS permission to use the code they were contracted to create for MS.

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What needed to be fixed?

Edit: Ahhh! Excellent! :slight_smile:

@N95JPL How were you guys able to implement simultaneous reception of the COM radios? Before installing this mod, I was under the impression that this feature was INOP.

To give the appropriate credit, DRF30q did the leg work on the buttons animation etc, however we made it so that vPilot was able to interface with it correctly!
The features lay inside MSFS all along, they just weren’t implemented!

Time to add that to the :banana:za mod wishlist :slight_smile:

Can anyone help ? I get no stall Warner horn on the 152 when aircraft is in the stall ??

Sorry, I’m not sure what’s up with that?
My stall horn works fine and no one else has reported it?
Are you using the mod or default aircraft?
Are you sure the aircraft is actually stalling?

Thanks for the reply, down to 20 knots, no horn but I will investigate further tonight and check the aircraft is actually stalling, should get the horn on the landing flare but never have

Just a correction, you should NEVER hear the warning horn, not even on the flare!
I get a warning horn below 45 with full flaps?

I would disagree with that.

A landing is basically an intentional stall. So you may hear it upon landing just before you touchdown, especially if you are practicing slow speed short field landings.

Granted, you don’t want to hear it with your wheels above a foot off the ground.

And, yeah, normally you’re not going to hear it as it’s probably best to keep a little extra speed going, best not to tempt fate. But, if you’re floating down the runway, you may end up hearing it.

Also, you will not hear it when you are ON the ground.