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My next door 12-year old kid has asked if he could have a few lessons on my dedicated simulator now that school is out. What would be the most stable a/c to start him on. default or payware? I did my RW flying in a c-172, Warrior II, and Archer II; and the JF Arrow, and Baron, are my preferred planes for my GA flying. I haven’t flown the c-172 much at all, and probably need to get some landings down before I embarrass myself? Will probably use our closest airport with multiple r/w - KRDU; have been looking for a payware version but doesn’t seem like any on the market yet.

Appreciate all suggestions!!

That sounds good to start.
I would be concentrating on the geography and physics aspect and using the sim to illustrate.
Worked for my kids.

I assume you still have a copy of “From the Ground Up” from your PPL?

I would grab the 172 and just work the kid through the chapters.

The C-172, a nearby airport, and do the fly over their house.

Might check a nearby Young Eagles group.

Personally, I would go for the 152 which I learned on ITRW. No avionics or autopilot to think about and high wing for good visibility.

Circuits and bumps and a few stalls and spins for starters before moving onto vfr navigation.

I didn’t do any spins at all in training, though I had done lots of them in gliders previously.

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Surprising. Where did you do your training?
Did they at least take you through incipient spin recovery? Or show you the difference between spins and spirals?

Staverton, Gloucestershire, UK. Yeah, we did incipient, but apparently full spins we’re not in the syllabus because more people had been killed learning to spin than spinning accidentally.

For me, it was no biggie as I had done plenty of them and lots of spirals too when I was gliding.

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Nope, our little airport didn’t have that book; just a few sheets of paper for each lesson.

For me, KEZF Shannon Apt, Fredericksburg, VA. 3000’ feet, highway at one end, railroad at the other. And close. A little scary at first when the train was running on the track trying to take your mind off a a good 06 landing!

And no spin training at all.

I would second the Cessna 152. I trained in one for my IRL PP. I would recommend you grab the free jplogistics 152 mod:
MSFS_C152 Community (V0.9.9!) - Updated: 15/05/2021 - Third Party Addon Discussion / Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
It really makes the 152 in the sim!

I have been doing some lessons with my grown son, started with the four fundamentals, straight and level, turns, climbs, descents. During these, explained the six pack of instruments and how each is powered and what they indicate.

Good luck, I am sure the kid will love it.

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I don’t know if you ever heard of Civil Air Patrol, but he would be a great age to get started.

Hey! Thanks for recommending the mod, glad it lives up to what I wanted to achieve, we’ve had a few IRL Trainee Pilots saying they’re using it to practise ahead of solos etc!
Feedback etc is most appreciated if you or anybody else thinks of any!

Thanks all!

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