MSFS 'Climbing to new heights'

Lol. What if Iron Man CTDs? Oh boy. Better beta test the party surprise .

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I should imagine that they would wish to avoid having developers stuck on a title that has already achieved its major development milestones especially now they are gearing up for their next title.

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Put a gun to a man’s head and he will say everything you wish him to say. This is just marketing boilerplate text. Jörg perfectly knows the state the sim is in. That said, despite the flaws, we have a modern flightsim in a beta state, and when it works, theres’s a lot to like and love about it, it’s just not complete yet, went through some major changes and suffers from a bug or two, or three…:grinning:

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Did he speak about Google Earth ?? :rofl:


I actually see 2.5 as of now - tons of very angry reviews too.

In seeing the steam numbers of initially approx. 61,000 average daily users down to Approx. 6,000 average daily users makes this “climbing to new heights” position/thinking profusely exaggerated.

Flight simmers are still waiting for MSFS to be a flight sim. When MSFS becomes a flight sim, then this new heights dream will be realized.

Currently a serious identity crisis is in progress, with serious denial.

I will give them time to correct the course and heal.


On Metacritic, which aggregates all reviews its averaging 91 out of 100 for official critic reviews and a user score of 8.3. I’d say that means it’s been pretty well received by the Xbox community.


You are quite correct. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s funny because the people complaining loudly and repeatedly deploy exactly that tactic to try and get their way. Weird how things work out sometimes.


I hope they fix at least the CTDs as I haven’t been able to start a flight since SU5 was released…

And it will work as evidenced by the releases from the forum managers stating that our concerns are being listened to and addressed.

If anyone at Microsoft and Asobo took time to read the reviews and ratings, I would not say SU5 was even remotely close to being a success.

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Game sites make money from advertising. I dare you to give a poor review from a AAA house and you will see what the consequences will be. It is well documented that journalists do not say exactly what they would like in the gaming industry…IGN anyone?

I agreed with the point about ‘influence’, that’s not payment. IGN tends to rate about 1/10 above the market, so if they say it’s a 10/10 (which they did) then it’s probably a 9/10 which seems fair.

You my friend, have hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head…well said….couldn’t agree more.

How high do they know they can go when ATC can’t figure it out correctly?? :rofl:

After coming back from holidays and spending some time with SU5 now, I can say at least I haven’t had a CTD yet

Wasn’t that already planned as an outstanding success months before?

Wait until they discover the bugs in flight planner, physics, weather, atc, nav/airport data, systems … or get their version broken or reduced in performance / quality…

Was the same for PC. … ratings dropped steadily since release last year.

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it was becuase of the horrendous performance, you were not able to play with good graphics without a good graphics card. This was finally fixed with the last SU.


Exactly, I’m really enjoying the sim again now. Trying get an hour to 90 min flight in at least 3 or 4 times a week.


Don’t want to “jinx” my luck, but neither have I. Performance is smooth as butter, even at KSFO, KRNO, KLAS, KSAN… etc. etc.

My rig - according to 3D Mark - ranks in the 90th percentile too, so it’s not like I suddenly have great performance on my ten-year-old Core 2 Duo box. :slight_smile:

The G1000 NXi is really great fun as well. I’m flying aircraft I had all but abandoned (the SR22 and the C208) just so I can fool around with the NXi.

Biggest disappointment is the glacial pace of updates in the Marketplace. Makes the purchase of Carenado aircraft difficult to consider, with the likes of PMDG and Just Flight and Aeroplane Heaven and Milviz all selling direct, and pushing updates out quickly.

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