MSFS 'Climbing to new heights'

Good to see the MSFS team feeling so positive. Clearly the message is partly marketing fluff, but to me this says they are far from done. :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand there are bugs (there are certainly a few odd things on Xbox) so I’d like to see MS/A push forward and I guess the next piece of that will be the Update in a few days.

"We’re overjoyed with the critical acclaim MSFS is receiving. The positive reaction from media and creators around the world is incredible. Critics and players alike have expressed joy as they’ve flown over their homes, visited the towns they grew up in, and explored areas of our planet they’ve not yet had the chance to visit."

Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator • Aug 12, 2021 @ 6:00am


So, at MicroSobo central SU5 & the Xbox roll out is regarded as an outstanding success…because that statement seems to be straight from the Todd Howard playbook.

I’ll not be holdingy breath that the next update actually addresses any of the many issues then…


I have to admit my expectations are rather low as well. In past dev Q&A sessions, participants seemed more or less ignorant on what is discussed in the flight sim community. I think Asobo is first and foremost a game development studio. They did a great job with Plague Tale and they did a great job with Flight Simulator as well. But I sincerely do not believe the claims that they are in for the long game here.


Clearly way over the top isn’t it? Basically, self congratulating claptrap.

Some people believe that the more you say it and the louder you shout it the more people will believe it.

In my book, going way over the top has an opposite negative effect. A little more restraint can work wonders.

Very bad marketing tactic at play here.


Why bad marketing? The feedback to recent updates is certainly mixed if you read these forums (which only a tiny fraction of people would). But the reviewers’ feedback at Xbox launch was (and is) stellar. I can understand why Xbox marketing would want to say so. So why is that ‘bad marketing’?


It’s just marketing. And it has been proven to work.
Don’t expect honest “we messed up and are working hard to recover” press releases, that’s not how it works.


It’s funny that the ms store rating is 3.5 / 5.


Payed reviews nothing more or less


The idea of ‘paid reviews’ is of course a nonsense.

Whilst an argument can be made for reviewers being ‘influenced’ by various means, the ‘paid reviews’ notion very much belongs on the ‘tin foil hat’ category. :relieved:

Having enjoyed MSFS on Xbox these last 2 weeks I can very much understand why Xbox reviewers (people who primarily review games) would rate it highly. No conspiracies required. :slightly_smiling_face:


Its way over the top and self congratulating.

More restraint often yields better results if it is framed in a certain way. Gentle persuasion done in a friendly manner can be very successful. Basic psychology really and highlighted in some marketing research papers. If marketing isn’t your thing try googling psychology for marketeers or maybe have a look at a couple of research papers which looked into it. It’s a tremendously interesting field and one which combines psychology with business and its customers. Supermarkets, for example, is just one market sector which has reaped good results in this area just by applying basic pyschology :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re not wrong. I respond better to more nuanced communications myself. :thinking:

I know.

The thing is that ASOBO have in fact done a pretty good job even though there are still a lot of bugs in FS2020. But really I don’t think that the approach the marketing team adopted here was a great idea.


Loving the Sim and cant wait to see where it goes.


Flying over your house with live weather on a sunny July day when the outside temperature is 20°C and the ground is covered in snow gets a bit anoying after the first few times. Most likely not happened to many of the reviewers.


+1 here and more

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Thing is, the more people that buy MSFS the larger the customer base, the better the addons, the bigger the Development team ect… and its an incredible product even if not perfect.


100% agree, their marketing is not very professional from a market professional point of view. Mostly creating hype, creating huge expectations and often underdelivering, leading to disappointment and frustration. This is not good marketing in a professional sense. Why not take the opposite approach - tone down the cheering a bit and positively surprise customers with things they did not expect (good things of course not bugs).

From a pure business sense one could regard their marketing successful because once you buy the product and they got your money and there is no returning it - so marketing mission accomplished. But I would not call this professional as it misses a lot of opportunities to built a sustainable loyal and throughout even happier customer base. (Yes there will always be complaints, but much less so, as the expectations are better managed).


Maybe a simulation event can be arranged ? @JoylessTunic738 will land @EggMan283494 's Iron Man character on the roof in Bordeaux… open the front door of Asobo… let the Neo’s taxi into the building ? :smile_cat:


Ha … Well, at least that would be funny :slightly_smiling_face:

really? just checked. mine says 2.2?