MSFS Crashes with no error

I have a problem with my game crashing. It just randomly exits to desktop with o error. I had a similar problem in the past but I managed to resolve it by disabling V-Sync and capping FPS to 30 in NVIDIA Control Panel. I have not had a single crash in months, until today.

I was busy with uni stuff for the past two weeks and have not played at all in tha period. After finally opening the game today, it crashed on taxi, about 5 minutes in. I restarted MSFS and tried again, this time mid-air. Same thing, about 5 minutes in. I checked that Windows is up to date and installed new NVIDIA drivers. Did not help.

I had a look at the Event Viewer but the Application Error did not indicate anything specific. However, seconds before each crash, there was a warning - Resource-Exhaustion-Detector. It indicated a low virtual memory condition. Other than MSFS, another process was listed - MoUsoCoreWorker.exe. Apparently it’s a Windows Update process. Could that be a potential suspect?

I have 16 GB of RAM so the game should not be crashing like that, especially that it worked perfectly fine in the past.

Has anyone had a similar issue? I would be really grateful if you could give me any tips on what to try next.

I believe users with 16GB of memory are repeatedly getting issues regarding swap space I.e. MSFS is using up all available memory, then hitting virtual memory, and possibly exhausting that too.

How big is your swap file? You might also consider getting a 32GB memory kit.

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yep… often I link also this one, which summarize the analysis:

But, we can see that he allready know these issue:

Then @bagelpilot7
=> Don’t forget to create a ZenDesk Ticket related to this. This here is “only” a forum which can give hints/workarounds ( like increase the virtiual memory ). The issue template already informed you about.


Both my drives’ page files were managed by the system. I increased the paging size so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll probaby get another 16GB kit too. May as well since I still have two slots free.

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I increased the paging file size acording to the guide and I’ll test it later today. Thanks for that.

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Both? I’ve never had more than one, but I am unsure if there are any drawbacks to having multiple. You might want to consider having a single paging file on a single drive, preferably your fastest drive, or OS drive.

it’s not a problem and can be done without issues :slight_smile:

All pagefiles together are considered as one. My usualy recommendation: set on a old HDD a fixed size pagefile ( avoid fragmentation ) and on a SSD a min value which is usualy needed ( so the file not needs to increased while runtime so often and you ensure the space on disc exist ) and a max value with excepted worst scenario ( may be the former recommended max 20 GIG might be bit higher, e.g 30 ).

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This seems to have solved the problem. I put it to a stress test and i have not had a crash so far, even in densly populated areas or with time accelleration. I will probably upgrade to 32GB soon anyways. It’s just a bit crazy how not that long ago I was amazed how my dad’s computer with 2GB of RAM could handle pretty much anything and now it seems like 16GB is not cutting it anymore.

Thanks for your help @MichaMMA and @hobanagerik


Glad to hear it. Although its worth stressing that there wasn’t anything necessarily wrong with your system, more a case of a sim that does not perform memory management very well at the moment. After my experience with the X-Plane Vulkan beta, I fear the DX12 implementation is likely to cause a lot of crashes as well. I hope that’s not the case of course, but I feel my 8GB GPU is already a limiting factor for me. At this point I’d be happy with any cheap 11GB+ card.

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a note about: some users report issues with the “slew” too. So be carefull with usage.

in case you had in former on “system managed” , it may be it worked all the time fine and then the free space on disc going bit lower and system no longer auto-increase the pagefile to necessary value.
But… it’s of course a guess per online-diagnose :rofl:

And (or) it goes into direction which @hobanagerik mentioned:

the memory managment of the app needs a little “optimization”… may be they already implement a bit related to this in new release

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