MSFS Created Demo Videos!

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I’ve got a great idea!

Microsoft should start making demo videos showing us how to use features that have changed from one update to another.

For instance, prior to SU9 the AI Pilot used to work great on aircraft like the Fokker F.VII, Beech D17, and the WACO so you could simulate turning the aircraft over to the co-pilot and then switch to exterior view to enjoy the exterior aircraft model set against the beautiful MSFS 2020 cinematic scenery. But following SU9 I can’t get it to work. So far I’ve tried the Fokker F.VII and the WACO and both just fly into the ground after turning them over to the AI pilot.

Hopefully Microsoft can make a video showing us how to use the AI Pilot following SU9!

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I’d say they’re already got their hands full dealing with the fallout from SU9, mate.


We all have day jobs that take up our time. I was hoping Microsoft would make the videos while flying in his spare time just like the rest of us do!

I’d much rather they focus their attention on making the sim stable to be honest mate.


Why should they do this? I think they work enough and has more than earned their free time.
Look on youtube to see if you can find a video about the ai pilot and how it works :thinking:


Until Microsoft slows down and fixes what they have already published instead of continuously throwing new content against the wall to see what sticks and then walking away from what doesn’t stick or has been broken, Microsoft will never have a stable sim.

I’m pretty sure Asobo would love to slow down and fix what they have already published, but every time I watch the streaming events with Jorg and Asobo, there’s Jorg with his presentations on new content and very little to say about fixing existing content. SU8 was supposed to be all about fixing existing content, but as we all know, they barely scratched the surface with SU8. And with SU9 the open beta testers were told to only report new bugs and no pre-existing bugs. Putting their heads in the sand is not going to fix the problems that are already present. Microsoft is going to have to slow down and let Asobo fix what has already been published at some point. And it will be a BIG job.


Pretty much, yes. That’s the present situation. Microsoft is too focused on rushing ahead and implementing new stuff, forgetting the old stuff. Every bug in a project of this size and complexity is not going to be fixed, I accept that.

But at times, I feel that stuff just goes in one ear, and out the other, with Microsoft.


This is what Youtube is for. Lets face it, if it wasn’t for people taking time out of their busy lives to make youtube videos explaining everything from how do an ILS landing to how to create photogrammetry cities imported from Google Earth the sim wouldn’t be half of what it is.


Something as complex as MSFS which integrates several multimillion dollar hardware and software infrastructure modules with development happening across the globe, will never be stable.

Managing something this complex requires someone with lots of experience in this industry and technical know-how, and that’s Microsoft Flight Simulator leadership. For them to create tutorials would be a waste of their own time as well as the time they’re responsible for towards the community.

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the most ridiculous suggestion i’ve recently heard of.

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Then Microsoft has failed.

Continuously charging forward and leaving a wake of problems behind you is no way to run a software development project.


Show me a project of this scale and complexity that is free of any bugs at a state of 2 years within release, and I’ll wholeheartedly agree with you.

I’m not defending Microsoft by any means, but what you’re asking for is unreasonable.

It is not unreasonable for Microsoft to slow down and focus on fixing content that has already been released instead of the new shiny thing.

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I would like them to do this, as well. It’s never going to be bug free and 100% stable (it’s too big, and too complex a project for that) so you shouldn’t be expecting this as you will be disappointed.

But yes, they should focus on damage control and shelve the World Updates for the short term, I believe.

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I too would like to see Microsoft fix the existing programs before bringing in new content. It seems counterproductive to keep bringing in new content with new problems when the old problems still have not been fixed. Maybe there should be a hiatus for a couple of months and give MS a chance to fix, once and for all, the problems with MS2020 and then they could go forward KNOWING that FS2020 is stable and all the problems (such as AI) have been fixed.

To me it is like making a stew with good ingredients and then never tasting it but continually adding new ingredients not knowing what it will taste like when it is finally served…It just does not make a lot of sense.

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