MSFS Demographics

Yes, I’d love to see some semi-regular statistics coming out of MS for the sim. Totals, highs and lows, heatmaps, and random statistics like those above.

I realise some data may have commercial value and they can’t give out ALL the numbers, but it could add some interest into the development updates once in a while, since they have largely become a rather convoluted ‘list’ of third party content statistics. I’d rather see an infographic with general statistics :slight_smile:

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Africa and Canada need some serious attention.

So do the Philippines, not that i ever want to go back there IRL again. Lol

Totally agree

As a UK player i would love the UK to get another update. I think it’s much needed with many major cities missing photogrammetry, many existing photogrammetry area’s done very poorly (London, Oxford Cambridge, Nottingham) & many POI’s missing. However, I would much rather wait for decent data to be available & so it could be done right. I’m very happy for places like Canada, South America etc to get an update first. I’d even take a Nordics one first as that one was very lacklustre imo.

Just wanted to follow up this post with a quote from Jorg in his interview with Sergio

“This year, right this moment, I think we have four times the audience then when we launched”.

So make of that what you will.

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