MSFS discounted with Game Pass?

Is it cheaper to buy MSFS 2020 standard on Game Pass Ultimate and then purchase it outright after cancelling the game pass subscription?

I don’t really understand your question.
Which edition do you want? The standard or deluxe/premium deluxe?

As a Game Pass subscriber, you get a discount for the game if you want to keep it. You should see the discounted price in the store.
The Upgrade packs in the ingame marketplace are quite expensive, so better choose the edition that you want straight away.

Many have bought the standard edition and then later decided to upgrade… at a cost!
I would recommend to go for the deluxe or premium deluxe from the start, otherwise you’ll end up paying more should you upgrade later.

Nothing wrong with trying it with game pass on a months trial though. It’ll only cost you £1 / $1 and you can see how well it runs on your pc.
Just remember to cancel before the month is up.


I have not purchased anything yet. Just was curious to see if it was cheaper to purchase MSFS (standard) thru the Store after purchasing Game Pass Ultimate? I am nor interested in premium or premium deluxe.
Basically, would there be any discount on MSFS standard after using Game Pass Ultimate for a month and then cancelling game pass and buying the standard version?

Well there is a discount for Game Pass subscribers. There were some discussions here on the forum about whether you may then keep it after your subscription ends (I guess so), since some got a contradicting response from support.
For me it wouldn’t make any sense to buy something that you cannot use after the subscription ends.

So, yes, there is a discount, but you might want to crosscheck if you can keep it without the subscription.

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