Msfs fullscreen duel or 3 monitor setup

MSFS full screen duel or 3 monitor suppport
no need to do the stretch in windowed mode

this method uses amd eye infinity arrangement

this might be useful for cockit builders that need upfront 3 monitors for there front windshield

this works if you own an R9 390 8GB CARD

but might not work for later cards

first run amds official cleanup untity to remove your latest adrenaline drivers

you can reinstall your latest adrenaline 2.80.1 etc drivers again if you dont like this method

now install the official legacy catalyist package

create an eyeinfinity group of 2 or 3 monitors in the amd graphics app

my infinaty group was 2x iyama 1080p 24 inch monitors allowing for 3840x1080 fullscreen res


now laod MSFS and select full screen 3840x1080p

and it will allow you to run the game full screen without needing to do the windowed display stretch

MSFS now loads in full screen 3840x1080p

but the frame rates are about 25 percent and 3 monitors would be even less

  • these drivers arent really offical supported by MSFS

so the trees are distorted near the ground but they do look ok in the air

anyway let me know what you think about this method

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