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I mainly address pilots who fly on xbox but in general everyone. Can you complete your flights that you plan? Because I very often have to interrupt, due to numerous bugs, the most frequent … Autopilot that does what it wants, especially in the landing approach phase, ILS is not clear if it works, Atc with completely wrong altitudes … . I’m certainly making some mistakes but I don’t feel like planning short or long trips and then stop, too many times it has happened to waste hours of flying

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ATC definitely needs some work, but on my PC, I very seldom have any issues.
It isn’t very often I don’t finish a flight.

When you mention autopilots that do what they want it would really be helpful to name the aircraft too. I have never found them to do that but I might use totally different aircraft. So yes, I always complete my flights.

ATC can be considered useless.

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Sorry,737-300 or original 747 the most used ones, I have serious problems with these planes

I agree ATC is not very good and more often than not altitudes are wrong. I use little nav map/charts for approaches which also gives you altitudes.

You have to monitor the approach very closely cause sometimes it can send you in the opposite direction, I never scrap a flight for that. Just have to be familiar with the approach. Most RNAV approaches don’t work…in Northern Canada anyways.

I fly mostly the TBM, followed by the twin otter.

I have only been flying since August but have only had 2 flights I couldn’t finish (CTD on approach). But was able to re-do them without issue.

That said, I agree the in-sim ATC is not ideal / completely functional. It didn’t take long for me to quit using it all together and go to Pilot2ATC and VATSIM.

I get that is not applicable to the XBOX at the moment, but unless things drastically change to the in-sim ATC you may just want to follow charts / altitude assignments and input your procedures and fly without ATC.

As for Autopilot, there’s been a few minor issues along the way.

The CT182T KAP140 has issues holding altitude at times or loses the approach but it is manageble. There was a small issue with the GNS530/430 and G1000 where once NAV mode was activated it would just circle but this was addressed quickly.

I spent 5 days with the 747 flying in on a test loop around the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am able to complete flights with it, but between ATC and the inconsistencies with the FMS, it does take a solid set of “tools” to recognize what it is doing wrong, so you can apply workarounds for the issue you’re seeing at that moment.

The inconsistencies are the most frustrating with the 747. With other aircraft, I see misbehavior in the systems, but that misbehavior tends to be consistent and predictable — not so with the 747.

In doing the same exact flight, following the exact same procedure multiple times with fixed clear skies weather, I would see the autopilot, and ATC behave differently.

The worst would be when, upon activating the Auto Pilot, the 747 would nose down and head straight into the bay, yet the previous and/or subsequent flight it would climb to the assigned altitude no problem.

The 737 is not a native plane in the sim, so you are relying on a 3rd party developer to get all systems simulated correctly. While I don’t fly the 737, I imagine the mod has various issues that you may be experiencing. Unfortunately the best modeled airliners now are not available on Xbox (FlyByWire A320 and Salty Sim 747)

Series S simmer here. I’ve only had one CTD so far, I was cruising at sim rate 4x at that time.

Agree with OP, I mostly fly with ATC turned off practicing my landings. Planning a flight is not working like it should. This is a VFR sim, as stated by one of the developers, was released as a VFR sim, because they concentrated on the visuals, not the technical stuff. So, if you VFR, you are in fat city, if you like many want to fly in the real-world environment, well FSX or X-Plane might be a better sim. I have flown 747/737/C-17 in both, and all their navigation/ATC systems work, albeit a little hokey. After install in XP, did successful ILS landing at KSEA. So, I know it works. But the Nav database is not being updated, so many changes in headings/RW numbering is being implemented in 12.

Xbox S
1T Expansion
4K High End LG TV

My observations after flying around the world from going east from Death Valley Calif. Enclosed is four screen captures of air log. After about 140 hours and 20,000 flying miles …

  1. ATC seems to give directions based of filed flight plan. ATC at this point doesn’t play any attention to type of aircraft or terrain. It made no difference what I was flying C170 or C208. If I was at a airport only a few miles from a hill at 12,000 ATC would give me a clearance to 14,000 but the AP would fly me into the hill, no warning from ATC.
  2. AP and Approaches are nor synced as I think they should. If I let ATC assign an automatic approach it was a gamble on my part to have it smoothly integrate with filed flight plan. I.E. the Approach and Clearance was stacked under the flight plan so plane would fly to airport then re-fly Approach. IRL I was a PP never got my Instrument ticket so I don’t know if its a bug or a feature.
  3. I have not had a CTD in over 100 hours of flying but … it seems the game re-sets logbook and settings back to default after each upgrade.

yesterday I did a test flight, London Dublin, I completely programmed myself Mcdu, and I must say that almost everything went well, at a certain point the autopilot swooped without me touching anything, however the plane recovered and arrived at destination.I don’t know if it was a coincidence, or the manual programming has its influence.I still have to figure out how to solve this … if I put myself with the view above mcdu, as soon as I press A to change something, the plane loses control, so I have to do it with norane view, with zoom…and…can i changhe the setting for the 2 sticks,where?

I use xbox if I confirm what has been said about the problems with atc, always monitor the instructions … I don’t know about you but I complain about the problems with the runways lights off, but only on flights with a flight plan, just completed a flight over Liege with only approach lights working, we hope they solve, a greeting to all and good flight
Doriano fm Verona Italy

On PC here. I have now flown over 530 flights - the only ones I didn’t complete on the first attempt were the 2 I had CTDs in-flight with. I completed both on re-flying the same FP.

I have had no issues with using AP that I wasn’t able to handle or adjust for. As time has gone on, work by FBW, Working Title and others has resolved many of the early issues with some nav systems and AP. I have had no issues with ILS or other types of instrument approaches. VNAV is not operational for all aircraft yet - in those cases I follow the published step-down procedures and all is well. I have stayed with the aircraft that have been modded to fix issues and/or improve their performance and more closely match real-world performance.

The only heavy iron I’ve flown is the FBW A32NX (this mod is excellent, but unfortunately can’t be used with XBox. As far as the 747 is concerned, many have reported that it just doesn’t have many properly working systems/performance at this time. There is a mod out that some use but, again, you wouldn’t be able to use it on XBox. Before the year is out, you should be able to purchase the PMDG 737 which will be quite capable - as this will be sold in the Marketplace, it will be available to XBox users.

I have flown only 5 VFR flights at this time, so I have successfully completed close to 520 IFR flights. The ATC will need major work, but I have been able to use it for about 80% of my flights. I ignore all inappropriate altitude assignments, etc. - if necessary, I switch over to flight-following if it begins to interfere too much with proper procedures. Down the road, it is my understanding that WT will tackle the ATC system to resolve a lot of its current issues. Considering the beautiful work they’ve done with the Garmin g1000NXi, I have high hopes for ATC ops in the future.

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With 3800 flights would it be safe to say you has no CTD

I have only had 2 CTDs in-flight - all other CTDs (rare) occurred from the World Map/Planner.

I do need to correct one major error on my part! I have flown over 530 flights with more than 520 being IFR, not 3,800 (I bumped the wrong button on my calculator)!

I have edited my original post to correct this.

That’s the beauty of MSFS. You may not have (really) random failures or detailed systems in most aircraft (so not much incentive to use failures), but there’s so much other stuff that can potentially break or misbehave that you never get bored because every flight brings something new. Even after hundreds of hours with a very small set of aircraft, every time something new and unexpected will happen and this keeps me at the edge of my seat.

ps: I’ll even leave CTDs out of the equation, as I’ve already had a few thousand of them, lately only during approach.

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All - as rule, I have never gotten CTD’s. Ok, I caused about 10 of them trying to fly a freeware plane. I fixed that by removing the VCRUNTIME140.dll file and reinstalling C++2015. Year or so ago, bad scenery files in the Washington, DC area, once that was renamed so game could not access it, fine. Next update fixed the file, no more. The game actually only CTD one time, right after SU/WU5. I even copied the base files out of it’s location, uninstalled the game, waited few weeks, recopied the files back, downloaded the installer, and game runs fine. Go figure.

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