MSFS infinite Loading Time

I’ve reinstalled MSFS about 3 times and the same issue still persists where it’s just stuck at the loading Page I have no clue what to do I’m losing more and more hope I can’t even play the game I paid for any help to fix this issue would be appreciated please. here is a video below to the issue Microsoft Flight Simulator Loading problem. - YouTube another note that’s not my channel but another person who had the same issue posted it.
Edit: I’ve downloaded it on a different drive and is now working!

Happens to me after selecting airfield and hitting start.
Stucks forever in the cessna loading screen.
This game will never be fixed. They just don’t care.

Have had it myself a few times when loading into flight where it just seems to taken an age to load in or stops completely and end up pressing alt + F4 to close the sim down.

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Try turning off your photogrammetry if the freeze is happening at the load screen after the world map.

I’ve had an infinite load screen after pressing Fly Now for about a month now, but if I turn off Photogrammetry and Bing Map Data in settings it loads in fine.

I also encountered a similar problem. The difference is that I flew 4-5 times normally, then changed another aircraft, and then it was exactly the same as what you encountered. It didn’t help to turn off photogrammetry.

For those with long load times, please use this topic as it’s been logged: