MSFS is a VIRUS! (Satirical Thread)

And it’s infected me… All I can think about all day long is flying! Trying to focus on work? NOPE! Brain thinks of planes.

I’m meeting with an AME on Wednesday to hopefully get my Class 3 Medical so I can sign up for real-world flight training. SUPER PUMPED!

Have you been bitten by the bug?


Yup. I got it, but my wife has discovered the perfect antidote to cure it for me.

I think she calls it housework. :slight_smile:


Ha, you hauled me in with the topic description.
Not quite what I was expecting.:blush:

But, yes, doing a lot of VFR and finding it really immersive and enjoyable. I can’t believe for once that i’m actually flying a Sim and not spending half my time tweaking it. Great fun!


this game is indeed addicting

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Spent $2k on peripherals since release, bitten.


It’s more infectious than anything I’ve ever played or used on my PC, and I have done em all: p3d, xp, fsx, dcs.

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Wife > ATC


Luckily I’m single, although I a have a business and a family business (Mom’s flower shop) I help her with, I still am free to fly as I please, no wife to nag about boredom or chores, etc. :grin:

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