MSFS is not longer a fun and relaxing game

Theres an autopilot? I have been having too much fun actually hand flying and relearning things (or learning for the first time) … to me, even with its issues, its still giving me a sense of enjoyment that the first version of FS I owned did (5.0)

Well when you cast dispersions on a whole group of people and basically call them incompetent when you have not tried to provide anything but negativism toward their work, you deserve to get a bit of heat.

Many of us Alpha and beta testers are disappointed that many of our reports were not acted upon before release. But at least we tried and spent many hours working toward improving the product. Your comments were uncalled for. Hopefully you will think a bit more about the impact of your words.

Agree with you 100%. I’ll probably give it another shot in about 6 months, or so, to see if they have ironed out the many bugs that are basically making this game unplayable and not fun for me at this time.

Unfortunately the " new car smell " has worn off for me and this is no longer my preferred flight sim. I feel like MS and Asobo are more concerned about making this game playable for the new XBox coming up soon , rather than making it better for PC. Just my opinion.


I see it the same way. After the last update my scenery is not right anymore. Everywhere are skyscrapers that don’t belong there. This is an absolute catastrophe. If this continues after every update, I would like my money back.


The skyscraper bug supposedly is solved…

I would point you to this thread for this issue. Have not tried it myself but others seem happy with the solution

So now I lost functionality of all digital devices in the cockpit midst over Greece. It all went black suddenly in the Cessna 172. WTF is going on? Patch 3 wrecked the sim in my case. I am starting to get angry…

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The railroad tracks look pitiful and can hardly be recognized. Besides, I haven’t seen a train yet.

Well I suppose a flightsim should simulate flying… if it can’t be done… what good is the scenery for…


think of it as a public service. if/when these forums actually start dying off, you’ll have some evidence as to why.

also. people having problems/criticism cant win. if they hang around they get asked “why are you even here – go play something else”. so for some people the question isn’t even honest, they just dont like seeing negative comments about the game – people with complaints should just leave quietly and keep their opinions to themselves.


DITTO - Random Avionics turning off (at least in the C172)

noted… still sad that the feedback the Alpha abd Beta testers were not looked appon , I guess they took the feedback from the Charlie Testers insted.


I have yet to see a railroad track … just a black , vegetation cleared Black pathway.

Even one of the most well know Railway tracks in the USA is missing … The railway line along the Rippon-Fiske approach into Oshkosh.

I hope this gets fixed, at least in advance of EAA OshKosh Air Show 2021. (assuming there is one)

*The $60-$120 cost of MSFS would be fully justified, if only to practice this arrival with MSFS’s realistic Scenery, prior to flying it in RL *

What is difficult to understand is WHY, at this time in the development cycles of MSFS, railway lines are missing, when they are available as DATA (at least in the USA), as opposed to just having to be AI extracted from Photo Images.

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Watch the interview on Twitch with the MSFS program manager, they did acknowledge they pushed out the latest update too fast and will be developing a closed beta process for future releases. The Zendesk is the best way to get feedback to the developer and talked about what they are doing about the top complaints.

So if they follow through, it should be good for all. I was pleasantly surprised by their openness on the problems. Enjoy your simming.


I watched it too - Live !! (yes, I need to get a life)

MAJOR disappointment, that the question about SDKs and their current TODOs, was never even asked, let alone answered, despite Mr Microsoft (forget his name), constant referenecs to supporting 3rd part developers … until weather was mentioned.

Then it was clearly a case of – we will do all that - we know best - no need for any 3rd party develops to get involved here … this is our baby.

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Apparently changing frequencies isn’t working either? Lol :joy: jk! A break from FS2020 might be a good idea. For now until next patch. Bugs I came across have been reported and other people did theirs. I assume devs got their hands full now anyway :joy:
Only thing I regret is I have deinstalled FSX and all it’s addons I collected over the years. Will be a days work to get it all back to work again… :laughing:


This is when the cost of storage, and a daily backup pays off !!!

I made sure I had a Complete Image backup before I removed FSX from y old PC.

I now have a Reasonable Gaming Laptop (which is fine for MSFS , even at HIGH settings), and runs FSX like a Rocket !!!

I re-installed FSX on it ( surprisingly it registered online at Microsoft !! - no need for hacks !!), just to go back for comparison.

Fired UP the C712 in 2D mode … OMG – as a RL pilot, it 'appears" to be so much more Realistic, as you can see the whole panel clearly and adjust items, without any need to Zoom etc.

You might need 3D & zoom for a more complex aircraft, but without some form of head Tracker, messing, the 3d stuff is way to disorientating when you zoom etc, especially if you are not on AP,

Unfortunately, my Smartphone is a little old, and the Smartphone based head tracker, which is reported to be very good, will not install on my phone,

Another expense with MSFS. Really the cost of the actual Program, become insignificant in the big picture of MSFS expenses to feed the habit.

sorry, I’m rambling …


MSFS offers the same level of fun and relaxation that you get from a festering tooth abscess!

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“Root Canal Simulator” ?

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Can i recommend Wreckfest sir