MSFS is Stretched on Startup and all Screens after Update 10

Hi, After the update 10 upon starting MSFS the screen is stretched through all screens including when the aircraft is on the runway…
My PC is setup with NVidea spanned triple screens.

I have pictures.

Additionally when in the Windowed Mode the Bell 47G and Hype Performance Helicopters do not display correctly when launched in game.

There are no settings for making corrections required to display the helicopter cockpits in game mode properly.

It is absolutely horrible.

Why not turn the Nvidia Surround OFF, get back to one monitor, then set it up again?

And why even use that when you can setup side views on 3 monitors now with SU10?

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I have done what you have suggested.

Here part of my post above.

“Additionally when in the Windowed Mode the Bell 47G and Hype Performance Helicopters do not display correctly when launched in game”.

Launch your Hype Performance helicopter or the Bell 47G in Windowed Mode on your PC and see the results for yourself.

Everything was working on my PC prior to MSFS 10 update.

Prior to sim update 10 there was no Windowed Mode.

MSFS should be working in full monitor or in Windowed Mode.

In order for you to switch between full Monitor Mode or Windowed Mode you still have to start MSFS and upon it starting and once it has started it is all stretched.

Once MSFS Has started is there a zoom button that can return it to normal size?

What you are seeing is strange, not a zoom issue I don’t think… Have you setup your monitors in Windows first before launching the sim?

Hi, Yes Windows is setup correctly, I have also UN-Spanned the NVIDIA Triple Monitors returning Windows to single monitors. I have rebooted my PC. \My Windows 11 Pro is up-to date as well.

I am wondering if I should UN-install MSFS and re-install it.

You know what t I have not done yet is update my NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti graphics drivers and as soon as the NVIDIA RTX 490 Ti becomes available on the market I will purchase it.

Youve checked in the sim under Graphics option - Full Screen Resolution - that the correct monitor resolution is selected? Try changing that


I have tried a lot of different things to resolve this. One hour prior to Updating MSFS Update 10 My Windows had a very large update. My NVIDEA Drivers were up to date and I reinstalled them choosing a clean install. Then I configured the NVIDEA control panel for spanning my three monitors then rebooted my PC as I always do. When my PC re-started it was back to three single monitors. I went through spanning my three monitors again and turned off my PC then started my PC again. Once it started it defaulted back to three single monitors. There is a problem with this latest Windows 11 UPDATE.

Sorry you are having this issue. I would set a baseline by putting Nvidia Control Panel back to defaults… do not span the monitors, make sure Nvidia says 1920 x 1080 for the monitors. Then check your Windows monitor setup, set all resolutions to 1920 x 1080, then go into the sim and set Full Screen Resolution to 1920 x 1080. If you do that, does it make any difference at all?

Hi I have done as you have suggested. Centre monitor display only and launched MSFS and it launches properly displayed.
I changed my monitor display back to 2560x1440 and relaunched MSFS and it launches properly displayed.
I have to say I am really tired of this!
I have three 2K 32" inch Ultra Wide Monitors and from what I have been reading 27 " inch Monitors are better suited for MSFS and or Flight Simulators.
It also seems that Flat Panel Monitors are better suited for MSFS and or Flight Simulators.
Also I should have purchased 4K Monitors.
Additionally it seems like 27’ inch Flat Panel TV’s are ideal for MSFS and or Flight Simulators because they have more height thereby have more viewing screen.
I would appreciate some advice on this because I am replacing my three monitors plus if you have specific TV models posting links here would be helpful.
I am now going to wait for NVIDEA RTX 490 Ti.
Hopefully when Asobo releases Helicopters in MSFS the Helicopter Cockpits will display properly on the screens plus Helicopter Controls such Verpil Helicopter Controls as well as other helicopter Controls will be recognized within MSFS.

I would honestly not recommend investing in an MSFS-specific multi-monitor setup until they’ve gotten things actually working for configurations that don’t look like a monitor in front, a monitor on your left side (like a left window), and a monitor on your right side (like a right window), unless you want to create such a config in which case you probably need larger monitors.

Hi, I have come to this conclusion as you have mentioned regarding triple monitors for use with MSFS.

A lot of work is still required from Asobo and from NVIDEA to make Triple Monitors work properly within MSFS wether flat panels or Ultra-Wide Curved Monitors.

Best to use single Monitor for now and can also use VR Headset.
I have the HP Reverb G2.

Take a look here: