MSFS Marketplace Canadian prices and CRJ 900/1000

Hi I am trying to find the full Canadian price for the CRJ 900/1000 in Canadian dollars. The msfs marketplace will not show the CRJ 900/1000 aircraft or price till you have actually purchased the CRJ 550/700 first. I would like to know the total cost before I make a purchase decision.

Does anybody know the regular and sale price of the CRJ 900/1000 in Canadian dollars on the msfs marketplace. Thanks.

This is important because many aircraft in the marketplace sold in Canadian dollars are at par with the US dollar which means a potential savings of 30% (a US dollar equals 1.30 Cdn dollars) since all 3rd party aircraft websites are in US, Euro or Australian dollars etc. As you know money saved can go to the purchase of other aircraft.

In the Canadian msfs marketplace the CRJ 550/700 is;
Reg 65.99 on sale 15% off 55.99. (Canadian dollars)

To purchase the complete CRJ package at Aerosoft is $70US which is approx $92Cdn plus exchange fees.

I think it about $25-30 CDN on top of the 500/700 I purchased direct though Aerosoft, so not 100% certain.

EDIT: PS. As a note, CDN - AUS is almost at par…

Thanks for the tip on the Australian dollar.

Orbx has the whole CRJ package on sale at $69 Aussie dollars ($48 US, £40 UK).

This translates to $62 Canadian dollars. (1 Canadian dollar equals 1.12 Aussie dollars).

That seems like a really good price.

[Update: Looks like Orbx will charge Canadian taxes ie HST 13% on purchases]

Oh, our exchange improved a little since the last time I purchaced from Orbx. :slight_smile: Time to get some more aircraft and airports. :slight_smile:

I’d recommend purchasing it outside of the Marketplace, at any cost, if you are on PC :slight_smile:

orbyx is having a sale on the crj right now . $49 usd for all variants or $37 for the 500/700

I am very hesitant about buying on the marketplace and don’t really want Mircosoft having my personal financial information. Only look at at it because it allow purchases in Canadian dollars. Haven’t purchased anything yet.

This topic has become moot for me as I have picked up the complete CRJ 550/700 900/1000 package from a 3rd party outside msfs markeplace and very happy with the purchase.

But I still believe msfs marketplace should show the full cost of the complete package so people can make informed decisions about their purchases.

My concern is the fact that if you buy through the Marketplace you do not get a valid receipt that concurs to law and is absolutely mandatory - at least here in Germany. I’m wondering when a legal institution starts a claim against MS to remedy the current situation.

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Thats a very valid point. And thats one of the reasons I was very hesitant to purchase thru marketplace and the whole process is horribly explained. I did a small purchase on the msfs marketplace for the spitfire while on sale and for me it goes thru my Steam account so I get a purchase receipt from Steam both thru email and in my Steam account.

However you purchase on marketplace anywhere in the world you should get an email receipt and receipt attached to your account.

For @MimikriX you could check out Contrail as they are Germany based.

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Ah, nice but too bad: I’m on Xbox so no other choice than the Marketplace. Thanks for the link anyway. :blush::+1: