Msfs marketplace f-104

Does anyone know what Asobo has left out on the f-104 in the in game market place? I want to be sure that its all there before i buy it. I will go to aerosoft if i have to, but thats just one more account that ill have to create. For some reason, its like $10 more on just flight.

No armaments on the Marketplace version.

It’s available through OrbX too… and simMarket.

It’s a trainer so there are no weapons. Doesn’t matter if it’s through the MP or Third party sites.


on the description in the third party sites, it mentions how payload drops affect the flight model, and something about A/A, and A/G systems implemented. i know that MSFS doesnt sell models with weapons modeled (which is ridiculous) but i just wondered if there were any other sneaky things that they were leaving out. Im in contact with the justflight people about why their price is so high. I may be able to pick it up there, but if not, i will probably make an orbx account.

I just got this plane, but now I’m wondering if there’s a way to get the tip tanks. There doesn’t seemto be an EFB,nor is there the external config tool…so how does it work? anyone?

Aha! I bet thats what they left out. They are so brave for getting rid of “duh biig scawy tip tanks”. Many less children will be scarred for life now as they dont have to be traumatized by those monstrous things.

But in all seriousness, let me know if you find out how to get those tanks to work.

Pretty sure it’s like other Sim Skunk Works planes and has it’s own external program in it’s folder you run.